Friday, October 8, 2010

Coat Check: Kensington Stroll Jacket $69.99!!!

Kensington Stroll Jacket

There's nothing quite like the city of London for historical landmarks, museums, lush gardens, and of course, shopping! Whether you're hunting the High Street for that perfect frock, or merely daydreaming about your next vacation overseas, you'll love this British-inspired Kensington Stroll Jacket. This smart navy blue Kensington Stroll Jacket combines the look of a classic trench coat with stylish, modern details. You'll love this chic mix of components - the ruffle on the front storm flap, brass buttons, and buckles on the sleeves and belt. Wear this over anything from jeans to dresses, and when you're crawling Camden Market for an amazing pair of boots, don't be surprised if tourists ask you for directions! Get the Kensington Stroll Jacket for only $69.99 exclusively at!

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