Monday, May 31, 2010

Denim Deals: Tight Skinny Jeans in Splash

TGIM, everybody! Yeah I know, it was hard waking up this morning. Especially if it felt like the weekend was way too short. However if you're a Fashion Circle Follower, you already know that Monday's are Denim Holidays here on More specifically Cheap Monday Holidays. Cheap Monday jeans are known for their perfect fit and characteristic skull logo. Originally the house brand of a popular Stockholm boutique, Cheap Monday denim was conceived as a cheaper yet still fashionable alternative to the designer jeans the store carried. The runaway success of "Tight," the brand's first skinny jeans style, led to a full clothing collection that has expanded beyond its young, trendy Stockholm fans to be coveted worldwide. One of those coveted pieces is this Cheap Monday Tight Skinny Jeans in Splash! Availible exclusively at, and boasting a perfect fit, this is a must have Jean. Sizes vary but, for some perspective on fit, note that: Krystal is wearing a size 26x32. Krystal's profile: 5'9", waist 23", bust 32", hips 34". Visit right now for your pair.

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Take a Step Towards a Cleaner, Fresher Face

Cleaning my makeup brushes is one of those pesky chores that I know I really should get around to, but I always turn a blind eye to it. Much like that pile of laundry in the corner. But the truth is, makeup brushes need to be cleaned just as often as your laundry. They are a repository for makeup residue, dirt, and natural body oils, making them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

I never even think twice before applying my blush or eye shadow about the possible germs and bacteria that are teeming on the tip of my brush, but it is something we should all be more careful of. After all, our faces are our first impressions and who doesn’t want to put their freshest, cleanest face forward?son

I tested out two new products that will help keep your brushes clean and lasting longer.

Parian Spirit is a professional makeup cleaning solution that works two ways: to clean and disinfect brush bristles and to restore brushes to their natural shape and shine. The formula, made of citrus spirits and food grade solvents, is environmentally friendly and gives off a fresh, citrus scent.

To use, just pour enough solvent into the Parian Spirit canister to cover the brush’s bristles and swirl the brush for approximately one minute or until you see the makeup residue wash out. Once you remove the brush from the container, use a paper towel to blot excess water and let stand to dry completely. Although it is a fast-drying formula, be sure to give yourself plenty of drying time before using the brushes again. For a list of retailers, visit, and keep in mind that prices will vary from one distributor to the next.

If you are concerned about your brushes losing their shape, I’ve also discovered that Brush Guards are the perfect way to protect and maintain makeup brushes. The plastic, flexible sheath slides over the handles of the brush and covers the bristles, serving as a barrier from dirt and dust and also helping to maintain its shape. I actually put the guards over my brushes as soon as I cleaned them so they could dry properly without losing their shape.

The Brush Guards come in four sizes, ranging from extra-small to large, and are available in assorted or same-size packets of six for just $5.50. However make sure to check the handle on your brush; my largest brush has a really large handle and the Brush Guard didn’t fit.

It is about time to check the cleanliness of your brushes and improve your makeup routine! Because as they say, cleanliness is next to…loveliness!

ULTA Beauty

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Dating Tips - How to Meet People

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Shoegasm: STEVE MADDEN Kappy Flats $31.99 @!

STEVE MADDEN Kappy Flats Shoes Blue, Navy Blue Womens

When it comes to designing exciting yet classic new shoe designs for young women and men, nobody does it quite like Steve Madden. With women's footwear including a dazzling array of flats, peep-toe shoes, platforms, wedges, sandals, open-toe heels, pumps, boots, booties, casual shoes, sneakers, and even slippers; and men's footwear including sneakers, sandals, canvas slip-ons, retro and contemporary athletic shoes, dressy slip-ons and loafers and lace-up Oxfords—the Steve Madden brand is reliable and stylish. All Steve Madden shoes are manufactured with the finest materials, and to the highest standards of quality and comfort. Experience the comfort of the: STEVE MADDEN Kappy Flats, by getting them exclusively at!

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Diets In Review: Interview with Carla Birnberg

Weight Watchers(R)

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mom Talk: Losing Baby Weight

Parents TV talks with author and registered dietician, Shara Aaron, about ways to get your pre-baby body back!

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Book Club- How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner--Without Dieting!

In How Not to Look Old, Krupp aided readers in their quest to fend off the ravages of age. In this second outing, she puts her style and beauty savvy—gleaned from her work at Glamour, InStyle, More, and People: Style Watch—to work helping women discover and celebrate their slimmer side. Those who know the basics of dressing thin (avoid horizontal stripes; Spanx do wonders for bulgy bits; etc.) and are ready for advanced techniques will be thrilled with this book. And novices who think any derriere looks good in any jean should study up: the woman knows her stuff, as evidenced by loads of revelatory before-and-after photos, plus clever tips and useful lists (e.g., the winter-themed Swap-outs chart recommends sleek leather gloves vs. bulky woolly ones). The book is organized by issue, such as big bust, muffin top + back fat, and Buddha belly. While some of the topics may seem wacky at first (Are your brows making you look fat? and Hiding fat with your bag), a careful read will reveal that Krupp's advice—delivered in just the right knowledgeable-yet-commiserating tone—makes excellent sense. When it comes to clothes and the female figure, the author understands how proportion, balance, and color make the difference between lumpy and lovely, frumpy and fabulous. (Apr.)

Professional Praise:
"Addictive. That's the best word for this beauty/fashion guide...Her focus isn't on sex appeal. It's about giving women specific, usually inexpensive tips."
--- USA Today, 2008

"Frank advice on the little details."
--- Wall Street Journal


"The woman knows what she's doing...A bullet-pointed battle cry against the forces of aging."
--- New York Times, 2008


"Krupp's advice--delivered in just the right knowledgeable-yet-commiserating tone--makes excellent sense. When it comes to clothes and the female figure, the author understands how proportion, balance, and color make the difference between lumpy and lovely, frumpy and fabulous."

Visit to read How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner--Without!

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Fashion Circle Sale Alert: E.L.F. Coupon Codes (Reminder)

E.L.F. is the revolutionary new online destination beauty company that goes beyond traditional makeup. offers a wide selection of competitively priced products that enhance the natural and vibrant qualities in everyone and encourage you to be yoursE.L.F. As a subscriber you already know that we strive to bring you meaningful solutions for life. That is why we're proud to present you with E.L.F.'s 50% OFF Coupon Code: CAROLINA.

Here's How It Works:Right now when you click here: CAROLINA and visit you will recieve 50% off your order, up to $15 off. That means if you place a $10 order at and enter CAROLINA at ckeck out your order will automatically be credited $5 back.

Terms & Conditions:Maximum credit will be $15 off any order. Shipping and Handling charges are added seperately to each order and are not discounted.

Expiration Date:This code is currently running indefintely and may be discountinued at any time.

Spend $15 and Get a Free Smokey Eye Kit with code

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bejeweled: Rocker Chic @!

Fashion Circle Followers rejoice. Do so because this week's Bejeweled Look, (sponsored by is Rocker Chic If you're a Fashion Circle follower, you already know how we feel about! Gracing the pages of are the most up-to-the-minute trends, hottest “it” items and absolute must-have accessories. caters to fellow fashionistas all across the globe. Their mission is to make the world a prettier place one accessory at a time! experts jet set all over the world (London, Paris, Italy, Japan, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and more) to truly “shop the look.” It may sound like we’re tooting their horn, but if anyone knows fashion, it’s them. have been fashion experts for well over ten years now and know just how to turn runway looks into reality.

Priding themselves on providing affordable and fabulous jewelry and accessories at the utmost of quality that all babes on a budget can appreciate, is a Fashion Circle approved site.

Let your hair down, sashay around our site and “shop the look.” With prices between $8-$40, how could you resist! If you need the help of a seasoned accessory diva, feel free to send them an email. And of course make sure to visit often as their site is continuously updated with the latest and greatest.

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ANK's 2010 Swimwear Collection

ANK's 2010 swimwear collection hits the catwalk at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Do Lunch: Free Makeup Thursdays @ 9AM- 2PM!!!

Free Samples of Smashbox Cosmetics Free Shipping f

Here on we say that "Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration". Very few things inpsire us like getting free makeup. As many of you have heard, has teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics to promote the Tuesday & Thursday Free Makeup Giveaway. That's right Every Tuesday & Thursday when you log on to between 9 AM and 2 PM and click on this link: Get a Free Gift every Tuesday and Thursday! you will recieve a free gift and jumbo samples from with every purchase. Shipping will be free and purchases can be as small as $1. There's no catch, everybody wins and you don't even need to be a subscriber. Click Here or on the Smashbox Banner at the top of this post to visit Smashbox.comand get yours.

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Makeup How To- Preparing for Makeup Application

This video answers some of the questions we hear most from our clients. Many women love the idea of using makeup to enhance their look, but are unsure of what colors to pick, what tools to use, and some even feel intimidated with so many options to choose from. With this video, we will walk you through some of the basic principles of makeup application, including useful guides to brow shaping and foundation selection.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bag Check: Basketwork Bag @!

Basketwork Bag

You can hardly believe that you're interviewing for the position of art gallery director - this is your dream job! Your ensemble projects the perfect mix of professionalism and playfulness, bolstering your confidence and ensuring that you snag this top-notch title. Sitting in the owner's office, you're effortlessly answering questions, and offering insightful commentary on relational aesthetics to Rothko. Suddenly, the topic shifts. "I can't help but notice your spectacular purse. Camel-colored buttery soft leather, a uniquely looped strap, brilliant basket weave embellishments - it's clear to me that you not only know art, you know style. As far as I'm concerned, personal style is an art form in and of itself, and darling, you have it. You have the look and you have the job. Congratulations." You can't help but smile - this is why you always trust your fashion instincts. You've certainly fashioned yourself fortunate. Get the Basketwork Bag exclusively at!

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