Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beauty Solutions: Golden Door Skin Care Hydrating Gel

For all skin types

This multi-purpose, oil-free, hydrating gel has concentrated water-binding abilities which aid in keeping skin looking firm, hydrated, and healthy. Oil, conditioning, and emollient ingredients differ from those that offer hydration….all skin types require a healthy balance between both and all can become dehydrated. HYDRATING GEL is like a drink of water for the skin providing that perfect balance.

•Super hydrating
•Ideal for everyone
•Contains water-binding ingredients
•Leaves no greasy feeling
•Lightweight and fast absorbing
•Provides a deep, penetrating hydrating balance for dry skin when layered beneath a moisturizer

Golden Door Skin Care Hydrating Gel
SRP $14.00 / 15-ml / 0.5-oz
SRP $48.00 / 50-ml / 1.69-oz

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