Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fifi's Pick: 5 Cutest Summer Toppers

Last Straw Hat in Gold

The summer heat has been brutal thus far and according to the weatherman, it is only going to worse. As it gets hot in the sun, you'll need a hat that will keep you cool! Whether you choose to wear feminine florals or bold basics, build your next boardwalk strolling outfit around these classically chic toppers as they also keeps your skin protection in mind. If you've had your eye on investing in a go-to hat to complete a posh day in the sun, then stop flopping around, and add these five contrasting pieces to your closet:

Graham Cracker Cloche

Top off a summer ensemble with this cute
Graham Cracker Cloche! Accented by the swirl of a chocolate ribbon and bow, this hat's natural graham-hued crown provides comfortable shade from the bright sun. Highlight an outfit of wicker wedges and a seersucker halter dress with this charming cap!

The Rad Hatter Fascinator

You'll be inspired to host the raddest tea party of all time, thanks to this fantastic Rad Hatter Fascinator! Like something out of a fairytale, this shrunken, 100% straw hat features a girly, flounced brim, black ribbon trim, and a matching bow at the brim. No matter how out of control your tea party gets, the last thing you'll have to worry about is your headpiece gone missing, as it is mounted on a secure, black headband. Cheers!

Peanut Butter Cap

This Peanut Butter Cap will be a sweet treat to anyone who may set eyes upon you. Concocted of a peanut butter-y bow surrounded by a chocolate brown crown and brim, this fine fedora will make a delicious addition to your summer garb! Fortunately, unlike its namesake, this hat will not melt beneath the sun's rays as you use it to shade your eyes. Wear it with a flowing, vanilla white dress and strawberry red flats as you meander around an amusement park, and onlookers will be hungry to achieve the same look!


You walk into the sultrily dark jazz club, this dashingly chic Rat-a-Tat-Hat shading your shadowed eyes. With a swish of your fringed skirt, you settle into one of the plush corner booths and order a Manhattan. You slide your fingers along the side of this wheat-colored hat's black, bowed grossgain band before crumpling its conveniently crushable form in your impatient hands. At last, a harsh white spotlight splashes onto the stage, and the tuxedo-clad scat singer saunters jauntily over to the microphone with a glance in your direction. Although you tried to play it cool, he noticed you. He grabs hold of the retro microphone, gesturing in your direction. "I got a song for you and that sassy hat of yours," he elocutes in his buttery voice. "Rat-tat-a-tat-hat-ah! Bop-ba-bee-bea-utiful!"

Last Straw Hat in Gold

This is it, really - we've had enough of ridiculously adorable hats, because we want them so badly it hurts! This charming, perfectly round, shallow, wheat-yellow boater is the final straw -Last Straw Hat in Gold! An adorable light gold ribbon encircles the brim of this accessory, culminating in a darling bow at the front for ultimate enchantment. A built-in plastic comb and thin elastic strap will securely keep this feminine straw hat atop your head on even the windiest of days. Pair with a striped nautical tee, high-waisted jeans, fabric wedges, and large hoop earrings for an oh-so-chic ensemble that proves your dedication to savvy style!


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