Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bag Check: The Equalizer Bag @!

The Equalizer Bag

My dad had this really cool stereo in the 80s - it was chrome, had lots of dials and knobs, and boasted a graphic equalizer that I used to stare at while he played records and tapes. He'd let me wear his headphones, which were huge on my young head, and play The Bangles' "Hazy Shade of Winter" single. This Industry bag's busy black, white, grey, and scarlet design seems to jump with sonic frequency, reminding me of being mesmerized by the equalizer and getting lost in the music pumping into my little ears. I'll certainly use this bag not only for its pattern, but also for its soft cotton-blend fabric, its silky, floral print liner with plenty of pockets, thick zipper, sturdy shoulder strap, and convenient expandability. I can just unfasten the two shank buttons on either side and make room for the oversized headphones and CDs I plan to take to a buddy's house. Clearly, this bag's appeal is off the charts. I think my dad would even appreciate it! Get the The Equalizer Bag Exclusively at!

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