Sunday, April 20, 2008

ATTENTION: Free on-line Make Overs for everyone!!!!

Ever wonder how'd you look with honey blond curly hair or monster green eye shadows? Or better yet, which lip loss would pop for you? Have you ever wonder how much of a difference would fake eye lashes make on your appearance without having to go through trial and error? Well Ladies look no further............ I've found the perfect place for you and it's all F.R.E.E. and P.R.I.V.A.T.E. at TAAZ

All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself - sort of like a mug shot and voila --- MAGIC!!! It's simple to use, creative, informative, and fun. They even list the products so that you choose in the process for reference just incase you want to buy it from a department store. Plus you can save and print your pics, choose to make them public or private so that other people can view and rate it and you can view the pictures of other women. Try it ladies, and share your pics with us. I guarantee that you'll definately get a laugh out of this!

Here are my before and after pics (feel free to leave a comment)



Dont I resemble Free (formerly of 106 & Park) ?!!?! ..............Lol J/k

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