Thursday, April 3, 2008

Face is First

As I previously stated - your face is your passport - it gets you where you're going and as shallow as this may sound ... it's the 1st impression that people have of you, so treat it as you would your life investment. Sad to say is that I've notice a lot of beautiful women who allow their faces to breakout or mistreat it. Why wear a designer dress that's flawless but allow your facial flaws to be seen or allow for blackheads and pimples to take over? As you would invest in giving your car quarterly maintenance, do the same for your face: infact entire body.... atleast 2x a year. One in the winter and another in the summer, because the severe change in weather can impose extensive damage to your face. It doesn't have to be expensive believe me... I, too, am on a tight budget and if I can you it so can you. Usually when I refer a product, chances are - i've already tried it and it definately worked for me, so there it is.

With that said, let's get started! The basics:
1. When washing your face don't use bar soap - it's intended for the body, not the face. The chemicals in it usually dries out your face and causes breakouts. I.E. Notice how whenever you change bar soap brands you get a pimple. Use only facial cleansers that are intended for the face ONLY!!! and if necessary, consult with a dermatologist before choosing any OTC or prescribed facial cleansers for those with extra sensitive skin.

2. Limit the amount of times you wash your face. Don't overdue it because what you'll be doing is drying out your face and ridding it of the natural oils that your face produces. For those with oily skin, I know that this may seem as the best method, but usually when you don't see results after a week - that means that it's not working so STOP! As before, an oily skin can be cause due to the change in weather, daily diet, ect so consult your Dermatologist. After washing your face, softly pat it when drying. Do not scrub it dry or wipe it dry.

When choosing a cleanser: READ THE INFO PROVIDED ON THE BACK. Just because it worked for me, your co-worker and your best friend, doesn't mean that it'll work for you!!! Everyone skin type is different. Do this: stand in front of the mirror under a high definition light (bright light - not dull) and examin your face. Look for blackheads, dark spots, breakouts, uneven tones, over exposed pores - which is what I'll refer to as crater face, ect. Write this all down and take it to your local beauty store or dermatologist. They will help you find the product that's right for you.

3. Protect your face. It's always exposed to the sun and must be protected at all time by using a Matte containing SPF (sun screen). Don't believe the hype people: sun screen is not just for Latina and caucasians to use. Too much exposure from the sun can cause you to age faster; causing wrinkles and damage to the skin. It's important to take good care of your skin now than to start when you're in your late 30's wondering where you're going to find money for a routine botox visit. Also,
whenever possible DRINK WATER AND SMILE. Drink water because it's healthy and helps bring out your natural glow and smile because it brings out your beauty. When you frown and make funny facial features - you're just adding potential wrinkles to your face, plus it's not attractive at all.

...........WITH THAT SAID.....................
The facial product that I use and IS CURRENTLY USING (this tells you that it's definately worth it) is Cosmedicine's Basic Skin Regimen. My friend bought it for me and I've been addicted ever since. Here's the story: One day I noticed that I had several pimples that grew out of nowhere. I paniced and rushed to the local drug store to purchase an OTC cleanser that would instantly work (without reading the product)and while I was asleep I kept scratching my face because it was irritating me and when I woke up the next morning, I had a rash that was out of this world. I called up my friend and she came through with the game plan. After a week of using the regimen the rash cleared up, and so did my face (and I didn't use it twice a day as recommended). Not only did it correct the rash, but it also evened out my tone. I am glad that this product lives up to it's name and officially hooked!!! Ladies you've gotta try this

This product definately works for me!

After using this product, you'll not only notice the change but you'll feel like a new woman. I would even recommend this for men. If you don't believe me or want to take my word for it, go to sephora and ask for a sample of the regimen and use it on a small area of your face. If it works - buy it immediatey and if it doesn't - well atleast you tried without spending a dime.

Here's a pic of me after a week of using the product eau de natural.

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