Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting that Bronze Hollywood look while on a Budget

This is a how-to video on applying makeup using a bronze color for both African American women and women of color. You too can get the glam Hollywood look that you see on stars such as Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez, and others. This video will show you exactly how apply the makeup and even list the products used in this video. Subscribe to FashionwithFifi on youtube for more updates, videos, free prizes, and sample give aways.

Here are some snap shots as well just incase you couldn't see clearly due to the lighting


  1. Hello!
    Well first of I'd like to say your skin is gorgeous. Okay, but for honest feedback, I really can't tell much of a difference or an impact I should say, with your "bronze look." It could just be lighting, but I feel that your lip color or shadows could have popped some more. Not oeverly dramatic, because I know that your goal was to be tasteful, as well as appropriate for the day time, but I just thought I would add some loving criticism :)
    Love the blogspot though. Oh, I actually do have a question, where can I find one of those headtie do-hickies you're wearing on the makeup video? I have been looking for a one of those suckers forever! Don't think they're in my area. It would make makeup applic and facewashing so much easier, as well as smooth down my hair line edges at night.
    Well, thank for all your work! Take care,
    p.s. how old are you? I'm 26

  2. Hey Mel thanks for the feedback! Lighting had everything to do with it but I'm trying to get a better camara so that you could see the application better - that's why the eye shadow did not pop out as well. I have a wrap cap on my head - honey it works magic. Send me your address and name (don't worry - i won't spam you or release it to others) and i'll send you out the wrap cap free of charge plus I'll throw in a little surprise from yours truely - cause i love to give! Thanks again

    I'm 24


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