Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fragrance of the Month: April

And the award goes to ................. Incanto Heaven by Salvatore Ferragamo

This scent is of sheer bliss and happiness. It smells like Playful, feminine, and oh-so-chic—a fruity-floral fragrance that captures a colorful, lighthearted spirit. I fell in love with this scent immediately. Ever wanted a fragrance that would define you and remind others of you (once they smell it): well this is the one.

What a delightful new fragrance for women of all ages. Incanto Heaven awakens spontaneity and fantasy with light-hearted spirit and a fresh combination of grapefruit, pink peony and violet. A vivacious fruity floral bursting with life and color, Incanto Heaven is a bright interpretation of feminine elegance. It's perfect for both Spring and Summer. It's light enough to wear to work, sweet enough to wear on a date, and bold enough to leave a refreshing impression on anyone. I would recommend this to women of any age group.

Awake to spring with this scent

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