Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bargain of the Day

Denim Deals!
OMG! I am super excited. I just purchased a pair of skinny jeans from Express and did I mention that they were only $17.99 (they were originally going for $98)!?!!?!
Although the Express coupon expires today, I wasn't able to use it on this purchase since this is a clearance item (but I may use it before the night is over); however, its still a steal! This detroyed denim fits well with just about any body shape, not to mention that the materials consists of both cotton and spandex (so if you lose or gain 5 pounds, you'll still be able to wear this). Not only is this super stylish but you can dress it down as a casual look (with a top or cami) or up as a chic look (with a blouse). The color is a Reno blue demin can be worn year round -- so you'll definately get your dollar's worth. I bought it in a size 6. I doubt that this deal will last long, but get it here while it's hot. When it arrives in a few days, I'll take a picture of me in it and post it up. As I said before, I suggest that you get it while the getting is good before you regret missing out on such a steal.
Well, off I go to search for other deals. I'll keep you posted in the meantime.
Ciao Bellas!

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