Saturday, March 28, 2009


From Superstar to Super Hero
Introducing Ms. Sasha Fierce ..... there is no competition!

Last year Beyonce was so inspired by Thierry Mugler's design at the Metropolitian Museum of Art's Superheroes exhibition that she instantly hired him to creatively mastermind her 2009 world tour for the welcoming of her alter ego Sasha Fierce! Miss Sasha is known for her energetic, sassy, ass popping, jaw dropping performances. Mugler explained to WWD, "Sasha Fierce is another aspect of Beyonce’s personality. She is Fierce on stage and Beyonce in real life. I tried to understand these two sides with my own perception of both aspects." He added that the spirit he is trying to evoke is,"The duality between being a woman and a warrior." As Beyonce's Creative Director, Thierry has managed both the lighting and sets for the tour in which Sasha is expected to outdo herself once again. I'm really feeling this getup. Give it to Beyonce/ Sasha to turn up the heat and stomp on her competitors. From the look of things these two make a perfect pair. Who else could bring a super hero to life? To check out your modern day super hero at an arena near you, visit

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