Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shopping Responsibly


Imagine walking home from a long day of work. Your boss has worked just about every nerve in your body. You’ve missed the season finale of ER, rain is about to pour heavily; which isn’t a good look, since you blew out your hair the day before. Everything is going south until you notice pumps - that are to die for - on display at a small boutique across the street. Without thinking and/ or looking, you dash across the street (almost missing death) to get a better look. You enter the boutique and ask to try on the pumps that are on the window display.
“What size,” asked the associate? “European - Size 40 please,” you respond.
Shortly after the associate brings the shoe along with a condom set on top of the box then speeds away.
“What in the world!?!?!!?” You think to yourself. You shake your head, dismissing the event and proceed to try on the pumps. Suddenly your pelvic muscles contract into quick circles, followed by an intense stimulation. In one minute flat you undergo a major orgasm. It’s not just any orgasm that you’ve experience – it’s a shoe-gasm! Embarrassed by the event you quickly purchase the shoe and exit the store. As you exit the associate says “Next time do it responsibly – use a condom!”
So with that said, here are some shoes that have you coming back for more!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Madden




Miss Sixty

Michael Kors

Michael Kors


Betsey Johnson

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