Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 - Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Travel Set

As devoted subscribers you already know that today is day 6 of our 12 days of Christmas Giveaway. As you should all know by now this is a random giveaway given out to lucky Subscriber or members of the Fashion Circle. To enter and be eligible to win all you have to be is a Subscriber or member of the aforementioned Fashion Circle. Before I announce today's winner I'd like to remind everyone that the person who I'm about to announce is today's winner (you cannot claim her prize or pretend to be her to try to claim their prizes). With that said I ask everyone to join me in congratulating the following:

You've won the Hawaiian Ruby Guava Travel Set by Pacifica. This travel set features three travel-sized products infused with pure essential oils and nourishing natural ingredients. Their intoxicating fragrance is a sexy blend of sweet guava and bright pomelo, inspired by lingering hours in paradise watching the waves as tropical fruit notes and hints of coconut surf wax mingle with the breeze.

This set contains: 3.0 oz Hawaiian Ruby Guava Soy Candle, 2.0 oz Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter, 0.33 oz Hawaiian Ruby Guava Solid Perfume, which matches beautifully patterned gift box.

Claiming Your Prize:

Claiming your prize is of course simple. If you are the winners please send an email to confirming your correct name and mailing address. That's it.

For Everyone Else:

If you didn't win today don't fret, there are 6 days left and as I mentioned before you don't need to do anything, except be a
Free Subscriber or a Free Fashion Circle Follower. Everyday thereafter you will automatically be entered to be a random winner for this and all of our other random giveaways. As a subscriber you can also enter into all of our Contests and Push Polls.

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  1. Whut did she do ta win -- whut bout me I neva won nuthin how can i win?

  2. where do i send in my info ?

  3. ^^^^^


  4. how am i haing? r u the winner i don't thank so

  5. They are picking random subscribers. i believe. Just subscribe and see if your name is picked. It's all in the first paragraph


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