Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beauty Solutions: DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask is a clay mask or spot treatment with sulfur and purified clays to absorb oil and help keep pores clear. This therapeutic, medicated mask uses the anti-inflammatory properties of sulfur, aloe vera, purified clay, and aromatic extracts. Helps to clear blemishes and treat oily skin, clogged pores, acne, and seborrhea. Only $38, not only can you use this as a mask, but you can also use it as spot treatment. Ideal for acne prone skin, this mask will minimize the appearance of the pores. Excellent for chest and back as well as face.

You should not use this Therapeutic Mask more than once a week if you have normal skin, and shouldn't use it at all if you have extremely dry skin.

We recommend applying the mask onto your face and allow it dry completely (about 15 mins), then wash it off in the shower. Your face might retain the sulfur smell before you go out somewhere, unless its washed off thoroughly. After each use, be sure to properly moisturize your face. This is an excellent product - considering the benefits and price.

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