Friday, December 11, 2009

Dress Code: Wine Ruched Cocktail Dresses by Xscape

A few days ago my lovely colleague, Celeste reminded all of you ladies that the most basic right of passage for a fashion forward modern woman is pulling off the venerable Little Black Dress. Speaking from a Male's perspective I'll tell you that in my opinion there's nothing sexier or powerful than a confident woman in a perfectly fitting Black cocktail dress. But being that "Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration" I'll beg the question: "Does the Classic Little Black Dress have to always be Black?" The simple answer is NO! Although tradition dictates that black is always appropriate, go bold and think red. Behold the intoxicating, Wine Ruched Cocktail Dresses by Xscape. This short sexy cocktail dress by Xscape has an amazing fit. It flatters most figures and will surely turn heads at any special occasion or holiday event this season. As far as I can tell this dress by Xscape is offered exclusively through E-dressme New York. This is a very upscale dress but it is very accessible to women of all sizes and price points. Sizes range from Size 4 all the way up to 14 in either the Wine or more traditional Black color. Pricing is set at a very attainable $142.80 for the Wine and $168 for the Black. Considering the designer and the upmarket boutique that's a mere penance to pay for the way this dress will make you feel. Click Here or on the pictures for angles and pics.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
Willie D

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