Monday, February 22, 2010

Beauty Solutions: Ultra Dry Face Skin Care

Dry skin causes peeling, tightness, and sometimes even pain. In the winter, household heat and exposure to freezing wind dry face skin in a snap. Dry air in homes, caused by heating systems and fireplaces, draw the moisture from skin like a wick. In the summer, sun, salt, chlorine, and wind do the same.

To help combat the effects of the elements on dry skin, you should:

Minimize exposure: No, you don’t need to stay indoors on beautiful summer days. A good facial skin cream for day time includes an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen. In the winter, we forget that UV rays still affect our skin. Always use an SPF 15 sunscreen or higher when it is cold out—even on cloudy, overcast or rainy days.

Use the right cleanser: Over-cleansing can dry the face worse than sun or wind. Check the ingredients label and avoid any cleanser or toner with alcohol.

Moisturize: Always use a good quality facial skin cream while your face is damp. If your skin is very dry, combine with a serum.

Remove all makeup before bed: Use an oil or cream makeup remover. Allowing your makeup to stay on your face overnight can clog pores, dry skin, and cause blemishes.

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