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Happiest Toddler: Keeping Caris Happy (Poll Contest!!!) has tips to turn the terrible twos into terrific twos through communication, but every mom has her own techniques for dealing with their toddlers. Some moms are natural pros and seem to have a gift for turning even the most rambunctious two year old into a perfect angel. But, if you're like most moms you need a few strategies to make it through the day. So tells; what are your top techniques? Whether you're a mom, grand mom, aunt, or involved in any way in the care of a young child we want to hear your story. Tell us and you are entered to win this:

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2) Leave a comment below telling us about your techniques for dealing with a rambunctious child.

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  1. This is my terrible 2 horror story. My son (DJ) is two years old and very curious. One night we were getting ready for bed and he wanted to bring alot of toys to bed with him. I told him that he could only bring one...of course he cried...but I explained to him that either he could take one toy or no toy. So he calmed down and picked out one of his small race cars. So we went to bed...this particular night he slept in my bed with my husband and I. So then he wanted to watch one of his Elmo movies while laying in the bed...I say no again and he my husband said to just let him watch it for 20 mins...and I did (SAD...I know right). After about (Im assuming)10mins..I feel asleep...then a heard him blowing his nose, so I got up and he was telling me to rub his nose...I did...and layed back down...2 seconds later I heard his blowing his nose this time I got up and something said "Look at his car" and when I looked at the tiny race car I noticed that two of the rubber wheels were gone...I did not know that they could even come off...and again something said "Look up his nose"...and when I did..there I saw a small black rubber tire...I I woke my husband up and he held DJ back and held his hands and I took the rubber tire out with some tweezers...again something said "Look to make sure that nothing else is in his nose"...and when I looked...there a saw another rubber tire stuck deep inside his nose...I took my tweezers and slowly pulled it out...the whole time all of this way going on, DJ was so patient and quiet, like nothing was wrong. Hope you enjoyed!!!My Terrible 2 (DJ)

  2. This is what works for me. My son will be 3 on March 6th and for him I always keep him occupied. When we go anywhere I always bring something like crayons coloring book and he colors while I shop. Or I always have in my car puzzles, books,mini snack bags and he does good. When at home I involve him in alot that I do .He helps me to cook,clean up,scrapbook just about anything. I try to wear him down first ha ha and then I can get alot of things done for myself. I have to have a routine set up and then we don't have as many meltdowns but this is what works for me.. Thanks

  3. Well 4 me, I like timeout. I had a corner in which I would stand/sit my boys/god daughter in. L8ly my QuiAri (gc) has pick up " I don't want to hear that" (from her moma) Well around me that 5min time out. Oh and the hand on her hip... also 5min. She is on her best behavior around me, she does sometime slip but quickly corrects herself. Thanks mrsexehall@yahoo

  4. I use the counting system
    He has to the count of three to correct his self or I will with force discipline. I Started this system first at home until he got use to the system. Then I was able to take him out with no problem. My son is 23 months old and this works great. I can take him anywhere and I don't have to scream at him. All I have to do is count and he gets in line.

    Everyone who cares for him I have taught them the system. We Barely Have Problems Close to None.

  5. I am a 26 year old single mother of 4 and had to go through it with all four of them my baby (youngest child) is now 3. he love to have a fit when he can't get his way. he also is very busy and love to explore and get into things and ask question all the time lol. When he is trowing a fit or tantrum I walk away and tell him when he wont to be a big boy we can talk about it .For me it works every toddler love to be a big girl or boy. Does the crying get on my nerve yes but be patient it wont last long. if they see you not worried about them crying they will stop. When he is exploring and getting into things I don't won't him in I redirect his attention to something else. get involved with them when they mess up teach them to clean up by playing a game( tell them its a race to see who can clean the fastest at this age children are very competitive and won't to win. if there at a point were they ask to many questions you don't wont to answer turn the tables and ask then a lot of question if they start to feel like they can't answer your questions its less likely for them to ask you questions. And the most important thing lesson to them at all time they will let you know how they feel and most of the time why they do what they do. Be understanding when they make mistake never tell them there doing something wrong just tel they what they can do to make the situation better. I'm not a expert but these things work for me.

  6. I'm 30 year old mother of a now 3 year old. My child loves to have to tantrum in the middle of the grocery. I just let her scream and usually she sees that she is not getting the respond that she wants from me and stops cry and screaming. I try to take my daughter out on different outings and let her do different crafts in the house when the weather is too difficult for travel. I just keep my daughter busy that's the key.

  7. My 3sons would get on my nerves asking every 5 min what's for dinner? So I started saying Ohh it's an Experiment... Well Malik was in 3rd grade he told his teacher I was a scienctis & that I cooked experiments at night. So the school sent CPS- child protective srvc to my house...
    To find out I was only cooking chicken! They thought it was a meth lab. I don't know who was madder the CPS lady or me. lol now it's funny then I was pisst

  8. My son is 3yrs old and when he gets upset he would tell me in these exact words "Mommy I'm mad I need space, talk to you when I calm down" which is what I used on him now he uses it on me, after the calm down which is usually 2min even longer if he's really upset, then I would sit with him and talk to him about whatever happened that day, and it works and because we talk so much his speech is a year older then him, he can hold conversation for age and he turned 3 in Oct 2009, he's been that way since 15mths old, I learned the hard way yelling does nothing...

  9. I have found the key to controlling my 4 year old is to give her a sense of control. I do this through warnings. The famous 2 minute warning always works. It sets her up to mentally prepare for what is coming. Or you can give the "choice". "You can tidy these toys now, or in 2 minutes". Of course they choose in 2 minutes, but you have their commitment. 9 times out of 10 when you come back to call in the commitment, they will do it. I think the mental preparation of the 2 minute warning will head off most tantrums and disagreements. Give it a try.

  10. Quick story...I was in the store with my son (4) and he wanted a toy. I purchased the toy for him. He started being hard-headed. I told him if he don't start behaving, I was going to take his toy back to the store because I had the receipt. He in turn told me...Well umma take your hair back to the store, i'll find the receipt. I laughed really hard on the inside. But the outside was like enough is enough with his lil smart mouth. So I did not want to, but I took the toy back in the store. From that point on, what ever I told him I would do, I followed through. I give a consequence for bad behavior and follow through. Now he know mommy is for real.
    Just follow through on what ever consequence you give everytime.

  11. Well I have a 2 year old "wild child". I call him pin-ball because he is all over the place. What I have learned with him is to keep him busy. It takes time and a little bit of planning, but it works. I have figured out a lot of the things that he likes and thngs that keep him happy. With that being said, I make sure those things are available to him. For instance, he loves to color and draw. When I know that all of my attention can't be on him, I have his art supplies where he can get to them. But since he is fickle, I give him options. His art supplies, legos, cars, and a few books are placed on his little table so he can get them as he please. (I let him choose the one's he wants on that particular day)But he also is responsible for helping me pick the items back up. To get him to help, I get into my super hero character. He loves that. He likes to pretend that he is "saving the world" by getting his toys up. That's his thang so I go with it. LOL But it works.. In a nut shell...have the things that they love accessible with options...and to get them to clean up, find out what their little motivator is and go from there..

  12. Oh cool..Who won?


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