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Cute Baby Pictures Contest!!! (Lots of Winners)

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I recently became an uncle for the first time. I have to admit at first the whole notion of my little sister becoming a mom felt strange to me. But as she progressed through her pregnancy I found myself eagerly awaiting her big day. Well that big Day was about 3 months ago.

I was nervous of course. I hear all of these painful stories of women experiencing long and protracted labors. But by the time I got a chance, to reply to the text telling me that she was 9 1/2 Centimeters she had already given birth to a healthy, 7 pound baby boy.

They say that every parent, grandparent or close relative believes that their child is the most amazing creation on Earth. I was no different. After seeing the little guy I boldly proclaimed that: "This is the most perfect piece of precious that the world had ever seen."

My new little nephew was so alert and inhibited so much early personality and dexterity, that I almost couldn't believe that he was a newborn. Off course I think he's so beautiful and handsome that he belongs in pictures.

Which brings me to this contest. Just before the birth of my nephew I reached out to another website called Their site is like a Myspace/Facebook for Babies and small children. I'm so impressed by their set up and I'd say that they are probably the single best resource on the net for moms, expecting moms or any one who is involved in the life of a young child. They were really excited to work with us and they asked us to let you guys know about some of their many contests including my personal favorite the: "Cute Baby Pictures Sweepstakes".

How It Works:

Each month has a different theme. February's Theme is Baby in Red. The March Theme which is now open is Sleeping Beauties. To Enter simply follow these steps.

Step 1- Click Here: Babies and create a web page for your baby (or belly) for free! It is easy to do so and you will receive a free sample bag of baby products and a physical coupon book towards lots of baby products just for doing so. Plus as a free member you get first dibs on coupons and Free Stuff, like Diapers, toys, tickets and more.

Step 2- Enter into the Cute Baby Photo Contest. If you're having trouble finding the link on their site just on the link in step 2. You can also vote for other babies as well. That's it. Once you do that you're entered to win this:

The Prizes:

Grand Prize- Each month one grand prize winner will win A $50.00 Gift Certificate good towards the purchase of any product(s) at! has EVERYTHING you need for your pride and joy. And did you know you can create a wish list for your child and link it right from your baby's web page? That way friends and family around the world will be able to shop for exactly what you want from the privacy of their own home! After you create your free Babies Online page, log in to your Member Account today for step-by-step instructions on how!

Preliminary Prize A (3 Winners)- $25 at Innovative, original design, children's clothing & accessories for parents including diaper bags, bibs, cuddle blankets, dolls, imagination toys and much more... Gift and international shipping available.

Preliminary Prize B (9 Winners)- Each month, all nine preliminary round winners and runner-ups will receive one complimentary E-Sake, celebrating their baby's birthday! Winners may choose either a free Birthday Chronicle or a free Welcome Baby Keepsake.

Just For Entering- Everyone who creates a Free Babies Online Web-Page will receive a free subscription to Baby Talk Magazine (no strings attached), an enormous coupon book (can be used online or in you local store), a many will receive a baby bag with great samples; including diapers and other baby stuff.

So that's everything. Lot's of great stuff and everybody wins. My type of contest.

Disclaimer: Neither I or anyone affiliated with was offered compensation in advance for writing this post. is a site that I really believe in and I want to support and promote their good work. - parent freebies!

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