Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remember to be Sexy- Henry & June (Lingerie)

Shop for sexy lingerie at Henry and June

Women today are busier than ever. Long gone are the days when a woman's place was in the home. Gone are the days when women were never meant to be heard. Nowadays women are proud, self assured, fierce beings with a full claim to the world around them. The reign of the woman has begun and that reign is powerful.

In the 1950's (Prehistoric times) most women were confined to the home while only a few ever experienced a working life outside of the home. Those who did work, often did so out of financial desperation when their spouses were out of work. The pay was often far less than what their husband's could earn, and the credit for innovations was non existent. It was a rare case indeed to find a woman excelling at a rewarding and dignified career.

Well fast forward to today and things are very different. Now most women are attending college, playing organized sports from an early age, and the expectations for girls are now higher than for the boys in every subject.

At work women are everything from Operations Managers, to Air Force Captains, to University Professors, and for 9 out of the last 13 years Secretary of State. Women are also the new full time entrepreneurs in our society. Every one I know right is working on a business idea.

Even with all of this new found range of opportunities, women still haven't forgotten how to be Women. Women are still Moms. Moms are our first teachers, our grand chefs, our first best friends, and our first and truest loves. But there's another thing that women are...

Women are sexy. A confident woman has the power to have her way. A woman who feels sexy is sexy. So what makes a woman feel sexier than lingerie? Nothing...

For those of you who have forgotten what sexy is, enter: Henry & June and behold, SEXY! is a recognized leader in the area of sexy lingerie. Shopping at Henry & June will conjures up an image of a really naughty child, with endless tasty choices, at the sweetest candy shop. has a wide assortment of Lingerie, Sleep Wear, Costumes, Dance Wear, Shoes, and Accessories that will inspire every woman to think Sexy. They feature a complete Plus Size section, so you don't have to be a size nothing to enjoy the experience.

Shipping is always Free with free same Day processing and Ship Out on orders $25 and up. The customer service is equally impressive. All email questions are answered within 1 business hour. Gift wrapping is available; so don't be afraid to use your powers of persuasion and drop a few subtle hints to your partner letting them know that is your new favorite lingerie shop. Watch the video below, then click here to visit Henry & June.

Shop for sexy lingerie at Henry and June

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

Willie D

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