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How to Potty Train a Toddler (Poll Contest)

Inspired by Ms Chanda's Keeping Caris Happy Poll Contest, I began to think seriously about my own toddler woes. My lovely daughter Jordan is the light of my life. You've seen her in my videos. She is keeper! However she's now at that Touch & Go stage called "Potty Training".

I Know I'm not the only mom going through this so I wondered logged on here to Fashionwithfifi.com and clicked on Partents.Tv to see if I could find any answers. As always Fashionwithfifi.com did not disappoint. I found some really helpful tips including the video playing above.

The Video:
In the video above, parenting educator Dr. Rene Hackney describes a variety of approaches to potty training including the fast track method and the potty practice method. The focus of the video was the "potties without pressure method" which is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This video discussion includes the readiness signs, not readiness signs and tips for what to do once children seem ready to train.

The Contest:
Dr. Hackney, had some really helpful tips, but I'm still searching. So I'm calling on all of you, the Fashionwithfifi.com Subscribers to give me some additional pointers. I want all of you who are either moms, dads, aunts, grandparents, caretakers etc..., to all weigh in with your tips on how to potty train a toddler. Tell me about your methods and what has worked and not worked for you and you can win this:

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One Winner will receive a $50 Pre-paid Mastercard Silver- Debit Card. The card can be used anywhere for anything. The card is only available in physical form, but shipping will be free to the winner. International winners must pay for shipping. All Winners are responsible for activating the card.

The Rules:
1) To enter you must first be a Fashionwithfifi.com Subscriber. If you aren't already, CLICK HERE.

2) Post a comment below telling me about your potty Training techniques.

3) Contest runs between February 16, 2010, through March 1, 2010.

4) One Random winner will be announced on March 1, 2010 here on Fashionwithfifi.com

5) Winner will receive a $50 Pre-paid Mastercard Silver- Debit Card. The card can be used anywhere for anything.

6) The card is only available in physical form, but shipping will be free to the winner. International winners must pay for shipping. All Winners are responsible for activating the card.
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  1. This is not an entry but it would be nice to re-post the answers from contestants as I am very much eager to know some techniques and methods because I am at that stage with my daughter.

  2. I stopped letting my daughter wear pampers, I wanted her to feel the difference when she pottied. I also made her a poster board that she could put stickers on every time she pottied. If she made it thru the week she recieved a reward for her good deed. This allowed her to really think about what she was doing and learn at a young age about goal setting!

  3. I potty training my daughter right now, and the first couple days were discouraging but after the third day she got the hang of using the potty and washing her hands. I kept her in underwear so she would feel the difference and in addition she will feel like a big girl because she is using the potty by her self. We celebrate with a cookie and clap our hands in joy. I just show her doing a good job earns her a snack or a sticker and that I love her no matter how many accidents she has.

  4. I just finished potty training my daughter. I would put her in pullups overnight but during the day, I just let her run around in a t-shirt, no panties, no pampers. By her not having anything on, I think it encouraged her to use the potty because she knew going on the floor was not right(although this will happen a few times). We also gave stickers when she did use it. This went on for about a week and a half and then I introduced panties during the day. The key is to not get frustrated but encourage and try not to get upset because I think it puts pressure on them.

  5. All children can be CUCKOO. Remember CUCKOO.
    C is for consistency- commit to the process, it takes a solid two weeks to potty train a child who is ready.
    U is for understanding-understand that even after the child is potty trained it can sometimes take up to a year for them to master getting to the potty before an accident occurs
    C is for celebrate-on the first successful potty, dance, sing, give candy-throw an all out party. Let your child know what a great accomplishment this is and continue with small celebrations for each successful potty episode.
    K is for Kindness-minimize anger and frustration and dont spank for accidents. this is a process and as hard as it may be, your kindness will get more results than anger
    O is for on duty-remember that children do not have the capacity to "hold it" wherever you are-you are on duty and may have to stop what you are doing to find a toilet. This is a hard one.
    O is for Off Diapers-take your child off of diapers and "pull ups" pulls are a scam and really do not encourage your child to get to the potty. Studies show feeling the wetness or mess is what encourages potty training. So wearing "big kid" undies, while messy, will help your child be more successful.
    Good luck!

  6. I think your best bet is to ditch the pull ups. They are counter productive. They're okay for sleeping but at some point, you just have to bite the bullet and ditch them all together. Once I ditched the pull ups during the day and swithced to big boy shorts, pee pee training was a breeze. Poop training was a whole different story. My son would wait until night time - when I would put a pull up on him for bed - to poop. A little genius, I know. My sister-in-law suggested that I make HIM clean it up no matter how messy because no one wants to touch poop. She was right and it worked! My son is 2 & 1/2 now and every now and again he forgets when he's really busy playing, but he's still young. The hardest part was getting him to tell me when he had to pee. And putting him in underwear helped me do that easily. Best of luck to you!

  7. I dont have a toddler but i have a four month old and i know what im going to do, when she turn that age. One of my really good friends told that the best way is to just let them run around the house with no diaper on, so it work for her hopefully it will work for you!!!!

  8. Casandra A. Rempson mygirlsandy@gmail.comFebruary 17, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Hey Philly DIVA!

    Okay well my daughter is 1 year and will be 2 on April 1st. I started potty training her on Valentines day and she is trained already!! She has not made a mistake in two days!! Here is my advice:

    Wait until she shows some indication that she is ready by eather talking about going potty, asking questions when she sees you go etc.

    Let her watch you go potty! Talk to her about what you're doing. I use songs like, "Mommy's going potty cause she's a big girl now! Mommy wipes front to back cause she's a big girl now! Mommy gets to flush and wash her hands cause she's a big girl now!" She will love it and learn what to do when it's her turn.

    Make it FUN. Even mistakes. Let her know that next time she'll go on the potty and get a treat and that it's ok.

    Positive Reinforcement. Sing, dance, jump, hi five when she goes potty! Make a poster board with a picture of a potty on it and let her make a handprint every time she goes potty (Hi Five the posterboard! It's easy if you keep the paint in the bathroom and she has to wash her hands after potty anyway! I also give treats like candy or a juice box but NOT EVERY TIME... I want to be sure she doesn't grow up with food issues - but that's a whole other topic!

    NO PAMPERS, NO PULL UPS! (Except overnight - First thing in the morning they come off and she should be put on the potty. Remember to sing =) Time for good morning potty, big girls go potty in the morning... Just make it up as you go.)

    Let babygirl go commando whenever possible at first. When she makes a mistake she will try to use her kegel muscles faster if she has no panties or bottoms on! As for number two you can catch the mistake before it hits the floor! (sorry to be so graphic but pee and poop are graphic!) AND you can swoop her to the potty and start the FUN.

    Hope this works for you!! Good Luck

  9. Ok this is what I did with my son.... I took the pullups away during the day completely and just confined him to big boy underwear which I bought themed with his favorite characters from tv Monster trucks,transformers and so on.... He wore them and would NOT have make a mistake as he would say on them because he didnt want to make bumble bee or the monster truck grave digger upset so no accidents. This also teaches them to hold it that is the main issue holding it and knowing when you need to hit the bathroom way before its too late.... Happy to say this worked for me and if it didnt I was gonna do him like my grandma did me. Sat me on the potty in front of the TV watchin Erica Kane on All my Children until I did something this sometimes ran into General Hospital. All I can say is it worked for me it didnt take me long to figure out that was not kool butt hurting legs weak at two years old hope this helps : )

  10. This is what I did for my 5 sons. I started potty training them when they begin to walk. My mother told me that first I had to stop all liquids at a certain time and I chose 8pm. I would put them on the pot every 15 minutes for 10 minutes. We made a game of it and you have to be creative, because they might not want to sit there, but it only took a little over a month to potty train my sons. You have to be persistent and consistent. I know for me the potty was where ever I was. My sons was potty trained before they could talk good. They would let me know when they had to go by going over to the potty and tapping on it or try to get to it themselves. When they used it, I would praise them and the more I praised them for going in the potty, the more they would use it. Sitting them on the potty every 15 minutes is the key, rather they go or not and eventually they will begin to get use to it and know that they are to do something in it.

  11. My lil' one is 13 mos. So later this year I will start potty training. Up to this point I've been taking her to the restroom with me. So I don't think she'll have a problem sitting on the potty. I plan to do the "no diaper" method. Then the "big girl" undies. And lots and lots and lots of praise! (e.g. Yay!!!)

  12. Try buying some really pretty underwear for the child and tell her if she wants to wear them she has to use the potty. It is best you let her pick them out so you will know that she really likes them. Also, you can give a reward for attempting to use the potty. The more encouragement the better!!

  13. Try bringing over a kid that is a bit older or the same age that is potty trained. The child at that age will get jealous and may start to use the potty just because he/she doesn't want the other kid playing with their things lol

  14. my daughter is 20mos and i've been "working" with her for about 3mos, and basically what i've learned is that if you make it fun for them they will enjoy using the potty. so i first ask her if she has to potty (shes talks really well for her age) and normally she says yes, then i tell her to come on lets potty so she runs in the bathroom and i take off her things she sits down and even if she doesnt really have to go she pushes as hard as she can and tries to get something to come out because at the end we clap and say yea eloni went potty...

    one thing i do that i believe helps her go is turning on the water in the sink to help her feel the erg.. at this time she doesnt go on her own but she will tell me if she has to potty or booboo (lol). i personally believe she will go when shes ready but giving her that extra push and excitement makes it fun.. sometimes i give her a treat for boobooing (lol) because i know thats harder for her to do on the potty..

    also when she first wakes up in the morning she goes right to the potty and, right before bed.

    btw she has a "princess thrown" so whenever she goes it makes music.. goodluck but remember dont push to hard, some children take longer then others, but making it fun is the best thing you can do.. =) smooches

  15. Make them stop wearing diapers and drinking after a certain time to avoid wetting the bed. Try to have a reward for them at the end of the week if they do well. =)

  16. I am loving all the comments...thanks for all the suggestions peeps:)

  17. well i dont have any kids but how my mom trained me was eveytime i ate and drank she took me to the bathroom and i went. or everytime she went i went and in the middle of the nite even tho i had on pull ups she would take me to the bathroom.

  18. With potty training, you want to start first thing in the morning putting her on the potty. I personally like to use the toilet compatiable potty seats. Typically toddlers little bladder is full in the morning; keep in mind you want to start good restroom habits: going before bed and as soon as you wake up, an hour after breakfast and juice; before nap. Make her sit on the pot with a book or magazine or toy, and congradulate her on nher potty accomplishments.


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