Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spread the Love with LUSH this Valentine's Day

Cupid can help you find love but it’s LUSH that’s going to bring out the sex bomb in your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Bring sexy back to friends and lovers or wash those pesky exes down the drain with hot, sassy and limited-edition Valentine’s offerings from LUSH Cosmetics.

LUSH Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
Make some magic this year with Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar. The enticing scent of a bath filled with strawberries and vanilla cream bubbles is a sure fire way to get high off each other’s love or entice the one you’ve been pining over. A 3.5 oz Mushroom Bubble Bar retails at $4.95.

LUSH Love Soap
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; spread the love to all your friends and family this year with Love Soap. This red, glittery heart-shaped soap will put a smile on everyone’s face as it’s jam-packed with aphrodisiacs and skin smoothing ingredients. A 2.8 oz Love Soap retails at $3.95.

LUSH Ex Factor Bath Bomb
Ceremoniously let go of a past love and a broken heart with the Ex Factor Bath Bomb. This blue gingerman with a little pink heart will fizzle down the drain along with any lingering feelings. If emotions get high, tear off his arms and legs or just smash him up in the tub – we won’t tell anyone. A 4.6 oz Ex Factor Bath Bomb can be all yours for only $4.95.

LUSH Be Mine Gift
Better than a bouquet of roses, LUSH’s Be Mine Gift is filled with pampering goodies for your sweetheart. It comes with three pleasurable products, all wrapped up in rose printed paper, to help relax, rejuvenate and release her inner vixen. Flying Fox Shower Gel soothes skin and sets the mood, Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar massages away the stresses of the day and Honey Trap Lip Balm leaves lips in a soft and sensual state. Give your Valentine a Be Mine Gift set for only $24.95.

LUSH True Love Gift
If you’re in the mood to seduce your sweetie, try LUSH’s True Love Gift. This no fail temptation kit is filled with our aphrodisiac-infused Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, our equally appetizing red glitter Love Soap and moisturizing Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel. Outside the shower, lather up with our light and luxurious Vanilla Dee-Lite Lotion or show your partner heavenly bliss with a little Heavanilli Massage using our sexy vanilla bar. Send your true love this gift set for only $44.95.

LUSH Bath bombs


  1. i LOVE Lush, I swear by their face products which I just started back using this week...I REALLY wanna try their bath bombs, they look like they will smell AMAZING when you use them =)

  2. I agree with you 100% T-Charry! I love their butter creams and moisturizers. All of their products smell yummy - esp. the bath bombs! Try treating yourself to one for Valentine's Day - for less than $5 these cute bath bombs are well worth it!

  3. looks good 2 eat. can u eat dem?


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