Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Work Appropriate: Contrast Ruffle Dress $32.99

Contrast Ruffle Dress

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration". Every once in a while I'll see someone committing such an egregious fashion faux pas that I'm inspired to create an entirely new section on Fashionwithfifi.com to reconcile the injustice. Now what you're about to read next will embarrass some and it will give some a sense of relief to know that you're not alone.

How many times do you see women dressed for work in a professional setting in some of the least professional outfits. You know what I mean. If you work in an office building, you've seen that girl or click of girls (they usually hang together) dressed for work in the same clothes that they wear to the nightclub on the weekends. Or equally as embarrassing the girl who wears her church dresses to the office. Or even the guy who doesn't understand that church suits are different from wedding suits, that are different from business suits. Sounding like someone close to you? Maybe you're amongst the rank of the fashion misguided?

So what's your excuse? Tell me, is it cost? Are you going to give me the forever lame "As long as I feel comfortable, it's OK?" To that I say pajamas are way comfortable so why not wear that to work? Why not wear flip flops and Sweats? If this is sounding like anyone you know it's time to step it up.

Spend little, and look great while going for a polished look with this Contrast Ruffle Dress by Charlotte Russe. The dress features satin and boucle fabrics, ruffle trimmed V neck with rhinestone buttons, elastic smocked sleeve cuffs, stretchy patent belt, and a side zipper closure. It's the perfect low cost option, with great styling that can be worn in many different settings, simply by tweaking the accessories.

The Contrast Ruffle Dress sells for only $32.99 at Charlotterusse.com. Sizes vary so to give you some perspective on size, note that: Size medium has a shoulder-to-bottom hem length of 34". Although the tag suggest that Hand washing is OK for this dress; I'd only have it cleaned it professionally.

Remember ladies, you're a Fashion Circle Follower. You're a powerful, upwardly mobile, can conqueror anything woman. Don't get caught looking like a stereotype. Chart the course to success by first being Work Appropriate.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

Willie D

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