Friday, April 30, 2010

Dress Code: Nursery Rhyme Dress

Nursery Rhyme Dress

Behold the Nursery Rhyme Dress @ Flirty and feminine with a dash of sass describes your favorite frock, and you can't wait to wear it tonight! As you slide this satin-lined linen dream of a dress on, you revel in the ravishing ruffles that arc over each shoulder and cascade down the bust, then close the hidden rear zip for a figure-flattering fit. Certain that this is the perfect piece for this evening's event, you decide to suss out your shoe options.'re torn between two tempting treats for your tootsies! So, how will you Fashion Your Fortune - with The Imelda Shoe (featured earlier this week as the Shoe Of The Week), or the Livingstone Peep Toe Wedge!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
Willie D

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