Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dress Code: XOXO Black Off the Shoulder Shift Dress $35.40 (Re-Post)

XOXO Black Off the Shoulder Shift Dress

When it comes to fashion there are some things that should be automatic. If you're a girl over 21 you need more than courage and an ID card before you can call yourself a woman. To be a real fashion forward woman you need a few basics. One of the important basic must haves for women is the classic Little Black Dress. I often tell people that venerable feminine traits, such as: thriftiness, eye for detail, multi tasking, forward thinking and even superior intellect are worthless if they can't be harnessed and displayed in a Classic Black Dress. Nothing says class and power like a well rounded woman with a keen sense for knowing how to pull it all off in a black dress. Yet and still I still meet otherwise fierce women that embarrass themselves by wearing a business suit or worst yet, a cheap church dress to an evening out or an important event. Remember ladies different dresses for different occasions. For a refined look enter the XOXO Black Off the Shoulder Shift Dress. It's classic and perfect for that vaunted, Audrey Heburn-esque look. The dress comes with a high-waist belt and left shoulder pin to finish the look. This dress is certainly regal, yet attainable. has it marked down all the way to $35.40. Sizes vary, but since the sale began I've noticed that this dress has sold out twice, so you'll have to grab one quickly or you may miss out on your size. If it sells out Click Here to keep checking periodically. XOXO does have other similar dresses so you might opt for something else if you can't get this one. Which ever dress you get remember that every girl audacious enough to call her self a woman isn't really one yet until she masters the Little Black Dress.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

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  1. This dress is georgious. I love ths dress and the fact that the shoulders are out but there isn't much cleavage showing. It say to me grown, sexy, and sophisticated.If you have a long neck, bautiful shoulders, and an up do going on, this is the dress for you.


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