Friday, April 2, 2010

Beauty Solutions: Mini Wax Kit by Anastasia

Mini Wax Kit

Eyebrow hair is like no other hair. It colors and bleaches within seconds and grows at an amazing rate (of course it has a mind of it’s own and can stop growing just because it felt like it). That is why it’s such hard work taming eyebrows. I, personally, get them tweezed by a professional once a month but, to maintain at home between visits to the salon I sometimes use wax. A nice kit that helps me have brows that frame my eyes instead of distracting from them is the Mini Wax Kitby Anastasia.

The wax is sugar based so it’s gentle on your delicate skin. It has the wooden spatulas and the muslin cloths, as well as the wax and instructions. This particular kit uses warm wax so you must heat it in the microwave. Not that I need to tell you, but follow instructions carefully – you don’t want to burn yourself, much less in your eye area! A good trick to know if the wax is too hot is to test it in the inside of your wrist; if it feels just warm, then it’s a good temperature to be used on your face.

This Mini Wax kit has 14 muslin cloths so, depending on how much hair to want to wax, it will last you for up to 14 uses.

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