Monday, April 12, 2010

DuWop's 1 Day Spring Cleaning Sale

While sorting through drawers and de-cluttering closets, don't forget your makeup stash! Did you know that makeup has an expiration date? Clean out your makeup using these guidelines to prevent bacteria and aging ingredients. We found an excellent article on the Marie Claire Magazine website outlining when it's time to replae your cosmetics.

Mascara: after 3 Months
Eye Shadows: after 2 Years
Lip gloss: after 1 Year
Foundation: after 1 Year
Powders: after 2 Years

Replace (and SAVE 15% on the following essentials)
Mascara: Lash Venom for instant fulness, length and a glossy, jet-black finish.
Eye Shadows: EyeCatcher Shadows contains a matte shade to contrast the color of your iris and a shimmering mosaic of shadows to match the iris.
Lip gloss: Venom Gloss gives beautiful shine with stunning color and a hint of plumping properties, too.
Foundation: Foundation of Youth is a uniquely lightweight, anti-aging foundation that instantly improves skin texture.
Powder: Mattillume is an O Magazine's Oward pick for "Best Problem Solver".

ENTER CODE: SPRING to receive 15% discount on selected items shown above thru April 12, 2010 at midnight EST.

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