Friday, January 22, 2010

Dress Code: Sci Fi Heroine Dress

Fans of Vintage rejoice and enter the: Sci Fi Heroine Dress. Metallic snaps, a firm shirred waist, and gathered sleeves that don't just sit there - facets of a dress fit for a smarter-than-Big Brother woman in a paperback science fiction novel. As a longtime fan of the genre, I saw an unintentional super hero disguised in this sleek dress, hacking computer systems that belonged to evil corporations and trekking through a distant, post-industrial Los Angeles. A cyborg cop captures a description of the unknown woman wearing a slate blue, lightweight cotton dress that glints with a subtle shimmer with each lithe movement. Little does anyone know, her name is Delphinium, and she's about to uncover a major brainwashing operation aimed at innocent consumers. Deep pockets are stealthily hidden, and in them my heroine keeps her spare identification chip and transcom full of hot information, not to mention keys, cash and lip gloss. In the unpredictable weather of the future, the asymmetric collar opens wide or buttons up, creating a versatile look. A single lane of zipper trims the oversized, slouchy collar as Delphinium dodges through the superhighway. She slips into a bodega for an antioxident cookie, as the distinct feeling she's being followed strikes her. Tugging at her textured pink tights and straightening the laces of her black boots, a tricky plan crosses her mind. As fast as she can, and knowing these nascent clerk models are not technological mazes, she rewires the shopbot to speak only in her own expertly coded language, which no cyber cop can break. Darting like a bird just below the radar of the police, Delphinium is off to complete the perilous but necessary mission in style.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

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