Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How To Pick the Right Thong

Like Brazilian waxes and sex toys, the thong is not for everyone. But it can serve a purpose—and no, it’s not peeking out from low-slung jeans, flashing too much information.

You Will Need:
A selection of thongs
A butt

Step 1: Understand purpose
Understand that there is a practical purpose for the thong. Though it’s sometimes worn to turn up the heat in the bedroom, many women wear the cheek-exposing briefs to avoid panty lines under close-fitting skirts and pants.

Step 2: Think of thong as panty
When considering fit, think of the thong like any other panty. If it’s too small it could cut off your circulation; if it’s too big, it could bunch in the front or sit above your waist.

Step 3: Choose one that will stay hidden
Thongs come in lots of different cuts, like high-waisted, g-string, hip huggers, low-rise—even crotchless. Choose one that works best for you, and that will stay hidden below your waistline. Since a thong is meant to be discreet, announcing itself every time you bend over defeats the purpose—and just looks tacky.

Step 4: Choose the fabric
Choose the fabric you prefer. For everyday underwear, stick to 100% cotton. There are also thongs made from cotton and spandex blends, cotton and Lycra blends, nylon and spandex microfiber, silk knits, mesh, and—although notoriously itchy—lace. Thongs can chafe—and encourage yeast infections, so avoid wearing them to sleep.

Step 5: Consider color or pattern
Consider the color or pattern of the thong.The point is to make your underwear invisible through your clothes, so if you need a thong to wear with a white skirt, we beg you: don’t pick a hot pink thong.

Step 6: Give it time
Comfort isn’t the main function of a thong, so if you’ve never worn one, you’ll have to get used to having what at first feels like a wedgie. Give it time, and you’ll stop noticing anything—except how smoothly your skirts lie!

Did You Know?

The modern-day thong was probably introduced in 1939, when New York City mayor LaGuardia decreed that exotic dancers cover up for the World’s Fair.

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