Friday, January 29, 2010

Online Couture Playhouse

At, we're committed to bringing you the latest in fashion & beauty trends. Along our journey, every now and then, we come across some inspirational and exceptional things - some that will leave us in awe and others in giggles - and most importantly worth mentioning. With that said, here's what we've found to share with you today.

Meet Tra Tutti - an online couture consignment shop with a conscience. carries one-of-a kind, high-end and vintage designer brands, with a socially responsible twist! Unlike many cosignment shops, you can splurge all day without a guilty conscience. Consignors receive 40% of the sale of their items, Tutti only keeps 40% of the profit - donating the remaining 20% to charities that reflect the values of their company and customers. And the greatest part about Tra Tutti's Philanthropic shopping is that you get to choose which of their charitable partners - which includes AIDS Action, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay, Dress for Success Boston, The Home for Little Wanderers, MSPCA-Angell and Rosie’s Place - you'd like the donation to go to.

They sell everything from dresses to organic nail polish, but my favorite finds were the collectible designer mice and finger puppets.

Meet Anna’s alter ego: a felt finger puppet! Anna's feltie version is quite petite and will fit most thin fingers, but would do well on pens, pencils, chopsticks, and the like. She is completely hand sewn with love and affection. Anna Wintours Felt Puppet features Queen Wintour’s signature pageboy haircut and bangs, sunglasses, and hand pieced suit.

Bring Anna out to your next fashion show. She is sure to get you noticed, front and center. She's the perfect companion at work, as she will demand perfection, and will accept nothing less. Anna is sure to provide you with priceless amounts of critique for all your style and trendsetting needs, doesn't that sound fun?

Karl Lagerfelt! Karl is a serious fellow. Serious about fashion, that is. He is a felt puppet that will fit a thin finger, pencil, or pipe cleaner. He is wearing a hand sewn Italian-like suit with stylish tie and starched collar. He also has his trademark ponytail.

Karl was completely hand sewn with love and affection, and he is extremely fun for parties & is always in style!

Now you can be a walking fierce machine with this Christian Siriano finger puppet. Christian, the winner of the third season of Project Runway, includes a wicked hairstyle, embroidered vest, and general fierceness. Christian was completely hand sewn with love and affection, and he is extremely fun for parties & is always in style!

Celebrities like Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn and Mr. "Fierce" a.k.a. Christian Siriano, have been photographed wearing these designer puppets that are only $19.99. We're convinced: is now the official couture playhouse for women!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"


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