Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Recognize Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment can cost a company millions and damage employee morale. Nip it in the bud by identifying it early with this information.

You Will Need
Observation skills

Step 1: Identify sexualized social environments
Identify sexualized social environments, such as ones where sexual joking is prevalent.

Step 2: Recognize quid pro quo harassment
Recognize that any unwelcome sexual activity that the harasser ties to employment decisions or benefits qualifies as quid pro quo sexual harassment under federal law. A supervisor asking for a date in exchange for a promotion is practicing quid pro quo harassment.

Step 3: Spot a hostile work environment
Familiarize yourself with what constitutes a hostile, offensive, or intimidating work environment, such as vulgar language, sexual innuendoes, pornography, or inappropriate physical contact.

Step 4: Document harassing conduct
Document harassing conduct, particularly if the perpetrator is a supervisor. Log each incident, including dates, times, and witnesses’ names. Men suffer sexual harassment, too, especially those whom others perceive as less masculine.

Step 5: Remember collateral victims
Remember that the victim of sexual harassment does not have to be the person harassed but could be anyone that the offensive conduct affects.

Step 6: Count on frequency
Count on frequency to prove harassment – the courts will not consider one isolated incident harassment unless the conduct was extreme.

Did You Know?

Did you know? Almost half of all working women have experienced some form of harassment on the job.

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  1. Felony rape in the workplace is not hard to recognize. It is unmistakably, a Federal Crime, and it is more than "sex harassment", it is a serious violent Federal Crime, "masked" under the catagory of "sex harassment", a Title VII violation that "caps" at 300,000 dollars per case

    The man that raped me in the workplace, raped me and laughed, "tell her to get filed"

    Would YOU want to "litigate" a felony rape case for years? only to be told that you are CONTRACT LABOR? A private corporation can rape women and Appealate Courts have held that the corporation is not liable, as the crime was so far "outside" of the work that the rapist is paid to do for the corporation?

    A rapist operating an a neighborhood, will certainly go to prison, but, raping women in the workplace is the only reason that the rapists are getting away with serious violent felony rape.

    Find a Federal Case or two, where a rapist was pulled out of the workplace, sent to prison

    Forced settlements, non-prosecution, non-disclosures forced, Arbitration, would the rape of your mother or daughter be subject to "arbitration" or "mediation"

    Would it matter if YOUR wife were the employee of a company that raped her?

    Go check those Federal Court dockets again.. find a corporation that was held liable for rape.

    Sex harassment is easy to recognize, but, I am certain that it is the Federal Courts and the Federal govt that is allowing corporations to rape our women , it is the Federal govt that is protecting the rapists by refusing to arrest and prosecute known rapists.

    No woman should have to leave her job,
    someone should take the rapist out of the workplace and send him to prison.

    I am having a hard time convincing the govt.

    With the thousands and thousands of workplace rape case reported to the Federal Govt each year, and finding the DOJ bureau of Statistics reporting NO WORKPLACE RAPES occured,

    I am sure it is the govt, allowing these rapes

    I am sure it is the Federal Courts, refusing to enforce the law.

    "Executive privledge" is going to far, when they are allowing the corporate executives to rape women in the workplace.

    Go check those Federal Court dockets again... find a workplace rape case where a Federal Court ruled that felony rape was a federal crime under US CODE.


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