Monday, May 31, 2010

Take a Step Towards a Cleaner, Fresher Face

Cleaning my makeup brushes is one of those pesky chores that I know I really should get around to, but I always turn a blind eye to it. Much like that pile of laundry in the corner. But the truth is, makeup brushes need to be cleaned just as often as your laundry. They are a repository for makeup residue, dirt, and natural body oils, making them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

I never even think twice before applying my blush or eye shadow about the possible germs and bacteria that are teeming on the tip of my brush, but it is something we should all be more careful of. After all, our faces are our first impressions and who doesn’t want to put their freshest, cleanest face forward?son

I tested out two new products that will help keep your brushes clean and lasting longer.

Parian Spirit is a professional makeup cleaning solution that works two ways: to clean and disinfect brush bristles and to restore brushes to their natural shape and shine. The formula, made of citrus spirits and food grade solvents, is environmentally friendly and gives off a fresh, citrus scent.

To use, just pour enough solvent into the Parian Spirit canister to cover the brush’s bristles and swirl the brush for approximately one minute or until you see the makeup residue wash out. Once you remove the brush from the container, use a paper towel to blot excess water and let stand to dry completely. Although it is a fast-drying formula, be sure to give yourself plenty of drying time before using the brushes again. For a list of retailers, visit, and keep in mind that prices will vary from one distributor to the next.

If you are concerned about your brushes losing their shape, I’ve also discovered that Brush Guards are the perfect way to protect and maintain makeup brushes. The plastic, flexible sheath slides over the handles of the brush and covers the bristles, serving as a barrier from dirt and dust and also helping to maintain its shape. I actually put the guards over my brushes as soon as I cleaned them so they could dry properly without losing their shape.

The Brush Guards come in four sizes, ranging from extra-small to large, and are available in assorted or same-size packets of six for just $5.50. However make sure to check the handle on your brush; my largest brush has a really large handle and the Brush Guard didn’t fit.

It is about time to check the cleanliness of your brushes and improve your makeup routine! Because as they say, cleanliness is next to…loveliness!

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