Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Club- Brazilian Sexy: Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life

As one of the founding members of Manhattan's popular J Sisters salon, Janea Padilha is known as much for giving her clients frank lifestyle and relationship advice as she is for the Brazilian waxes that prompted Gwyneth Paltrow to exult, "You changed my life!" In her book, Padilha shares the secrets to becoming "Brazilian Sexy"-gorgeous and confident- including how to:

*Develop an approachable, irresistible glow

*Show the right amount of skin for age and body type

*How to eat, drink, and live it up while staying fit and fearless

*Experience the ups and downs of life with gusto

*Bring sizzle into any relationship

*Think yes instead of no

*Know when to be tough and when to yield

About the Authors:
As teenagers, Janea Padilha and her sisters learned the beauty business at their aunt's salon in Brazil, where Janea developed their signature waxing technique. Their New York City J Sisters salon is now a multimillion dollar business. Martha Frankel is the award- winning author of Hats and Eyeglasses: A Memoir. Visit for more on the authors, and to read Brazilian Sexy: Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
Willie D

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