Friday, May 14, 2010

Marie Claire Magazine: Sex And The City Issue

Our favorite Manolo-wearing, cocktail drinking, fabulous foursome is returning to the big screen next week Thursday. And in honor the highly anticipated Sex And The City sequel, Marie Claire released 4 different cover pages of the June 2010 issue which hit newsstands earlier this week. We'd suggest getting all 4 copies as a collector's item and reserving your tickets early on I waited in a long line just to purchase tickets to the last Sex And The City movie and was not able to see it until the next day because all theaters were sold out for the night. It is no wonder the movie generated $415 million worldwide. This year come prepared with your sexiest dresses, tallest stilettos and girlfriends in tow.

Although we're not exactly sure what the ladies will wear on the big screen, we do know that their garments will certainly be fierce! On the June issue of Marie Claire, SJP wears a gold Balmain dress on the cover which is striking similar to the dress Demi Moore on her controversial W magazine cover a few months back. Cynthia and Kristin grace Dior, while Kim grace Valentino. Take a look at what they're wearing below:
SJP on being influenced by Carrie’s style: “I’ve never revealed as much or been so daring or made quite as many triumphant mistakes as Carrie. But I’m now bolder than I would have been had I never played this part.”

Kristin on how they used to let loose: “When we first started, we would all drive out to the Hamptons together at 4 a.m. on a Friday night after shooting ended and see the sunrise as we arrived. I love those memories.”

Kim on the rumored infighting between the ladies: “The press has to put women in these boxes, rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful. Things just have to be explosive for no other reason then for people’s imaginations.”

You can read the whole interview at

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  1. awesome! i'm gonna have to pick up at least one of the covers. thanks for the heads up, hadn't seen it on the news stands yet :-)

  2. Anytime Amy. btw who's your favorite SATC character? Although my fav character is Samantha, if I only had one cover to choose from it would be the one with Miranda gracing the cover. She looks absolutely flawless!

    And don't forget to preorder your tickets!


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