Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dress Code: Style of the Union A-Dress

Style of the Union A-Dress

Madam Stylist, Vice President Posh, members of the Congress of Cute, distinguished fashionistas, and fellow Fashion Circle Followers - our Chic Constitution declares that from time to time, & shall give information about the Style of our Union. On this day, I would like to call to your attention this darling Style of the Union A-Dress! Its heather grey knit top features military-inspired styling, such as the bold rows of brass buttons adorning the bib, navy faux denim piping, and attached skirt. If your sense of style is being tested, then call upon this fantastic frock, along with bold booties, a courageous cardigan, and tenacious tights, and you shall poshly prevail. Get this Style of the Union A-Dress right now exclusively at!

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