Monday, May 24, 2010

Denim Deals: Cheap Monday Flash Slim High Waisted Tapered Jeans in Wing Wash

TGIM, everybody! Yeah I know, it was hard waking up this morning. Especially if it felt like the weekend was way too short. However if you're a Fashion Circle Follower, you already know that Monday's are Denim Holidays here on More specifically Cheap Monday Holidays. Cheap Monday jeans are known for their perfect fit and characteristic skull logo. Originally the house brand of a popular Stockholm boutique, Cheap Monday denim was conceived as a cheaper yet still fashionable alternative to the designer jeans the store carried. The runaway success of "Tight," the brand's first skinny jeans style, led to a full clothing collection that has expanded beyond its young, trendy Stockholm fans to be coveted worldwide. One of those coveted pieces is this Cheap Monday Flash Slim High Waisted Tapered Jeans in Wing Wash! Availible exclusively at, and boasting a perfect fit, this is a must have Jean. Sizes vary but, for some perspective on fit, note that: Liz is wearing a size 26x34. Liz's profile: 5'9", waist 26", bust 31", hips 34". Visit right now for your pair.

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