Monday, May 17, 2010

Product Review: Illamasqua's Body Electrics Collection

Are you in search of this summer’s must-haves beauty products, keep reading because I’ve found the perfect items for you:

We’re all notorious for spending countless of dollars on what’s supposed to be the "it" lip gloss only to walk away with dried lips and a wash of color ... lasting no more than a few minutes. We know what we want; however, some products just don’t deliver (other than false promises). And what is it that we want exactly – “sheer" but still pigmented lip gloss for the summer!

Take a look at Illamasqua’s sheer lip gloss – this is the gloss for summer. I own enough lip glosses to start a beauty boutique and this sheer gloss is up there in the ranks. Although it is defined as sheer, don’t be fooled: this sheer gloss has enough pigment to leave a noticeable color on your lips – not to mention that it does a great job of making your lipstick pop. Another plus is that a little application seems to go a long way. Two coats will do the trick. The initial coat itself seems to outlast other glosses by far, so there’s no need to constantly reapply a new coat – which is a major money saver. It leaves a fine gloss finish without it being too sticky or appearing tacky. With this gloss, the days of looking like you kissed a jar of Vaseline are officially over.

If you’re in need of some color on your lips and not just a shiny gloss that disappears –Illamasqua’s sheer gloss will do the trick!

The gleam cream is lightweight cream that lifts and highlights wherever it's applied and is suitable for face and body. It is suggested that you use this highlighter alone or mix with foundation for an immediate skin brightening effect that will illuminate the night. Even without the help of foundation or other creams for that matter, the Gleam Cream far exceeded my expectations. When I first opened the product and noticed that it was an oyster color, I figured that it would do nothing for my brown skin – but I was wrong. The cream’s effect was noticeable on my skin. It is welcoming to know that this cream is very lightweight – which is important for summer usage. When applied, it goes on smooth and projects a sheer radiance on the skin – all without leaving behind a greasy and messy look. They call it a highlighter but it works like a bronzer. Three small drops are all you need to cover your arms and two fingers are all you need to apply it. In fact, even on dry skin it leaves behind a fresh appearance. You can use this cream to highlight your cheeks, upper chest, forehead, etc to convey a soft, luminous skin.

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  1. its funny that i never heard about this brand until now but i will stop by sephora to sample them out


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