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Beauty Solutions: Do It Your Self Hair-Dye Instructions

Hair coloring at home can sometimes be cheaper, but sometimes it can also be quite an adventure. I’ve been coloring my hair at home since I was 14 and have been doing it consistently every month for the past 3 years. That's because not everyone can go to a salon and spend mucho bucks and a couple of hours at the salon, so today I have some tips for you if you want to "Do It yourself".

The first thing you have to do is settle on a color. Do you want to stay within the same color range or do you want a change? If you wish to keep the color basically the same, you need to check with the hairdresser that usually dyes your hair and ask for your color number. Usually, hair dye is numbered from 1 to 20. 1 being the darkest and 20 being the lightest. Usually very light blond is a 10. After the number, you will see a dot and then some other numbers. For example color number 7.35. This means that the “level of darkness” is 7 (which is usually a dark blond) and the .35 means the tone (30 to 40 is usually an orange/ginger undertone). With undertones, remember that the lower the number, the more ashy it is and the higher, the more golden it is.

This is where things can get a little hairy. If your try to drastically change the undertone of your hair, more often than not, you’ll end up with a big problem. Red and golden undertones are the hardest to get rid off, but if you go over them with an ashy undertone color, your hair will get a really ugly green sheen (It happened to me before…) so take a very good look at your hair if you want to choose the right box at the beauty store.

Now think do you want your color to be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent? Temporary means it will last anywhere from 1 to 10 washes and semi-permanent usually lasts about 30 washes. Unless you have more than 70% of white hair, I’d recommend semi-permanent dye because it will fade and won’t leave your hair with “lines” of different color. Another thing to remember is that if you have a lot of hair or very long hair you’ll need two boxes. In this case make sure they are from the same batch (usually it’s the number besides the expiration date).

Once you get home, read the instructions carefully and do the allergic reaction test. Once it’s all set, there are a few things you need to remember apart from wearing a dark or old towel on your shoulders and an old t-shirt. Never ever use metal objects to section or hold in place your hair while coloring. The metal will touch the dye, oxidize it and God only knows what color your hair could turn into. Metal should not, under any circumstances, be in contact your hair dye. Even if you’re using one of those “comb-like applicators” you’ll want to section your hair. I have fine hair and I section it it four parts so depending on your hair you’ll want to have somewhere between 4 and 8 sections to work with.

While applying your hair dye, remember that if you’re going lighter, begin at the front part of your head. Conversely begin at the back if you’re going darker. Why? Because the hair at the back is usually darker so this will ensure the color looks as natural as possible. Massage your hair and scalp really well with your hands using gloves. I advise against combing it because the hair will be wet from the dye and wet hair is much more fragile. After that, and while you wait the necessary time, clean up your bathroom counter and remove any stains of dye from your face, ears and neck. Do so with petroleum jelly or baby oil but avoid the hair itself.

When removing the dye, try to rinse your hair with cold water (but not too cold) and with your hair leaning forward. This might not be the most comfortable position but you’ll see better when the water comes out clear so you won’t get poorly removed dye that could stain your pillow case of make your hair color patchy.

If you wash your hair and see that the color is too light, the only thing you can do is apply a darker color and wait only half the time stated on the box. If it’s too dark, use volumising shampoo and hopefully it will lighten up in 2 to 4 washes.

To take care of your new hair color, simply use adequate products for colored hair and do a hair mask once a week at least. The conditioner that comes with hair dye in some brands is large enough for several applications so you can use it. Click on the banner directly below for information on the correct utensils to use, coloring tips and instructions.

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