Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beauty Solutions: Smashbox Brow Tech

Honestly, I don’t fill my eyebrows in everyday. I only do it when the look I’m going for is either extremely dramatic (to balance the overall appearance) or really very natural (so my face doesn’t look so washed out). However, I’d benefit from doing it every day. Makeup experts say that when your eyebrows are well defined and filled in, the optical illusion it gives to others is that your eyes cease to be the size comprehended from one lash line to the other- they’ll look much bigger.

Filled in and tamed eyebrows make you look polished without much effort. Besides, strong, perfect brows have been seen on runways ever since fall 2007 and that trend is here to stay. If you haven’t found the perfect method to make your eyebrows look their best as far as filling and taming them is concerned, I strongly suggest looking into the BROW TECH WAX This is a very popular product and it’s been around for some time now.

On one side, the split pan holds the powder you’ll fill your eyebrows with (Net Wt. .03oz), and the other holds the appropriate wax that’ll keep the powder locked in and your brows in place (Net Wt. .025). Though it may seem small at first I assure you it’s not. Even if you need some heavy filling in, it will last you a long time and if it were any bigger, the wax could eventually go bad and start to smell. Take a look at the ingredients list for the wax and you’ll be pleased to find some really good conditioning agents. You’ll know right away it’s good for your eyebrow hairs- it won’t make them fall nor get stiff and break. If you run out of the wax, Smashbox also sells the wax separately.

Wondering how to choose the right color for you? Well that's easy. If your hair is dark, go two to three shades lighter than your hair. If it is more on the lighter side, one to two shades darker than the darker part of your hair will do the trick. If you’re hair has a medium colour, I always recommend going for a shade or two lighter than your hair. If your eyebrows appear too dark it can make you look older, therefore I say it’s better safe than sorry.

Applying this product is easy if you use an angle eyebrow brush. Define the lower line of your eyebrows with a clean line and then blend up. If you need to, define the upper line and blend down. The bigger colour concentration should be right on the middle of the eyebrow and it should fade to the sides. Let the powder set for a moment and with the same brush put the wax sparingly on your brows, combing the hair in growth direction. It couldn’t be simpler.

I bought one of these in Blonde earlier this week and it’s one of my new found loves already. What about you? Do you fill your eyebrows in? If so, how often and what do you use? I love hearing from everyone, so comment and let me know

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