Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Owner of American Apparel Judges Sales People By Their Looks

I heard this story early this morning and I wasn't ready to believe it. I though it was a joke, like April's Fools in July or something. I checked Gawker and it turns out to be true. Before you read on and know all about what Dov Charney, owner of American Apparel, wants to do, please sit down and prepare to laugh to tears. The "gentleman" on your right is Mr. Charney. "Dov usually gets on the conference calls and talks to people, but one week, he went on a huge tirade and made stores that weren't doing well send in group photos. Why, you ask? He made store managers across the country take group photos of their employees so that he could personally judge people based on looks. He is tightening the AA 'aesthetic. Meaning anyone that Dov deems not good-looking enough to work there, is set to receive a pink slip. This is blatant discrimination based on looks. Dov personally judged each person in group photos that were sent in, and if you weren't to his liking, then boy... watch out. The comments that he made ranged from childish to insulting. Managers that don't comply with these new standards are afraid of losing their jobs. Employees who aren't up to Dov's "look" and whose work ethic is "just ok" are being targeted and scrutinized and the minute they make small mistakes, they are being fired. But it's only because Dov wants to weed out the "ugly people." It's ironic that he would rather have gorgeous slackers who don't move the product [or lift a finger] working there than normal looking people who are really aren't that bad looking, but are A+ sellers and great at customer service."

We tried to reach Dov, but as of yet no contact. To me, the only way to deal with this, is by making more fun out of this man than he already did of himself. If you have his number, please text or call him and give him our link. We have some cool beauty solutions that he could use. If I worked for this man, I'd quit (if he didn't fire me first, that is). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so all there is left to do is to figure out which will his criteria be. Judging by his looks...

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  1. I understand what you're saying but it's his store. There are tons of other stores that do this, but just not the method that he choose to go. Most of all clothing stores do this from Abercrombie & Fitch to other high end stores on the spectrum.

    When you actually think about it, these people working at these stores are representing a brand and are mostly, in terms, part or most of the marketing and advertising for these companies. If this is how this guy likes to play, that's fine. The only difference between him and Abercrombie & Fitch and other high brand stores is that he actually comes full out to say and do it....

  2. Hi Confessionelle.

    I also work at a counter and I am responsible for the human resourses where I work at. I would not hire someone who looked like they don't care about their looks. Not everybody is beautiful on the outside but some of us try to look presentable, even if we are not Bar Raffaeli or Gisele Bünchen. I would hire someone who is not particularly beautiful but still makes an effort to look nice and aproachable (providing that they are capable of doing their job, of course). By what I read, this company is just going to let go people they don't consider beautiful and that is what is making me write this post. I've met people who don't even consider pretty people I consider gorgeous. Criteria is diferent from person to person. You are right, however, it is his business and he is in a free country so he does as he pleases.

  3. Why Why Why is it ALWAYS the UGLIEST men who have to be picky or particular about anyone's looks. I think uglies (by uglies I mean people w/ bad attitudes) should be shipped to outer space. Then again they'd probalbly be mean to the extra-terrestrials for not being attractive enough. Beauty is so subjective. Why he gotta be ugly and have a bad attitude? Why?


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