Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Book Club: Girl, Get That Child Support (Contest!!!)

Now that you've seen what Audra and Nicole have to say it's your turn to weigh in. Tell us; have you ever dated or known a MR. All Wrong? Ladies you know what I mean. Was he a big talker, with a smooth game, but no substance? Was he a habitual liar who you often caught in ridiculous lies? When you started dating him, did he conveniently forget to mention that he was married or had kids? Well if this is all starting to sound like a person you know then Fashionwithfifi.com wants to hear all about it. Tell us about your run in with MR. Wrong and you're entered to win a copy of Cathy Middleton's new book:

Girl, Get That Child Support: The Baby Mama's Guide to Tracking Down a Deadbeat, Finding His Cash and Making Him Pay Every Dollar He Owes You

Girl, Get That Child Support: The Baby Mama's Guide to Tracking Down a Deadbeat, Finding His Cash and Making Him Pay Every Dollar He Owes You

This book is an all out guide for every woman who's ever been scorned by at a deadbeat. The book's subtitle is already long, but it's worth tying in the secondary subtitle- GET HIS MONEY BEFORE HIS OTHER BABY MAMA DOES: Whether or not you've ever been in those circumstances, this book helps every woman with simple dilligence. It covers everything from agreements in writing to: Proving he's the father of your baby, Tracking down a deadbeat, Winning an increase in your current award, Getting money from an unemployed baby daddy, Creating an agreement with terms that benefit you, Getting other assistance from him along with your child support award.

Official Rules:

1) To enter you must first be a Free Subscriber. If you aren't already a subscriber Click Here to join for free.

2) Tell us about your run in with Mr. Wrong. Leave a comment below outling the details of your experience. It's ok to comment on posts left by other subscribers as long as your respectful.

3) One winner will be selected at random to Win a free copy of Girl, Get That Child Support.

4) Contest runs from Today, January 5, 2010 through midnight January 15, 2010.

5) Winner will be announced the following Day January 16, 2010 on Fashionwithfifi.com.

6) Shipping is Free to all subscribers living in the U.S. International subscribers will recieve an Ebook version.

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  1. Mr. Wrong told me we had to stay long distance after saying he wanted to be married. Why? Because his baby's mamma would take away his son, who is living with him, but mamma has custody. And, he said, he just couldn't bear that, he wanted to raise his son....sooooo....we could only remain long distance AS FRIENDS!

    What a loser! Lying LOSER!!!

  2. This is a fucking joke. I'm just embarrassed.

  3. my story is awful!! we had an awesome loving relationship and decided that we'd get married and have a child (so we did) we moved away together from our families and whatever and we was doing good until he lost his job and didnt try to get another one, so we had to come back home to our families, i went to my mom's and he went to his. his mom talked all kinda shhhhh against me simply because i wouldnt kiss her ass (and no self respecting woman would) but anyway, we stayed together and his folks lied talkin bout o we gon do this and buy that for the baby------- when the baby get here------- let me see.... my baby is 2 years old (jan 17) but on wit my story so his mom told him not to buy anything for the baby and buy her a refrigerator. so im about 6-7 months pregnant and he still didnt wanna buy the baby nothing. when i had her he bout her 8 cans of milk a bottle warmer and 2 little dresses. and my mother and step dad provided the rest of everything my baby needed. so i was like u know if u aint gon do nothin for this baby then i dont need u. he said it was because his mom havent seen the baby (baby was 1 month old) i told him i dont give a damn if yo mama see her or not if she cant respect me im not going over there with my baby. and i strongly believe that IF U DONT LIKE ME THEN U DONT LIKE MY BABY. so i was already fed up with it and when he thought he was saying something about a divorce, i was all for it. so he went off wherever and i hadnt heard from him in months then i got the court papers (i was glad to see those) my baby was about 7-8 months old and got his first visitation now he dont know a thing about her and she is very attatched to me so all she did was cry they didnt feed her or bathe her because she came back hungry, sick, stinking, dirty clothes a diaper rash (she has never had diaper rash in her life until she went over there) so she went 2 more times and i was like no this is ridiculous!! so he still didnt wanna pay his child support. we went back to court so i could change the visitation and i did, i changed it to where she would only be gone one night until she got to know them, but he didnt want that so he didnt come or call or nothing in the whole year of 2009 but all of a sudden since he about $4000 behind in child support he got something he wanna say but im not worried about it, his ship has sailed, its in God and the govt hands. and Chidi its not a joke because there are girls out there who dont think their mate would do that but this it jus to say YES EVEN THE BEST ONES ARE CAPABLE. i just hope that no one has to go thru this and if u do good luck with it cuz u will need some strong nerves

  4. I have been divorced for 2 years. We have a 12 year old son. I have been trying to get child support thru my ex-husbands job for 2 years he works for the deptment that collects child support. I get a letter every month from the state saying thae can't find him...BUT HE WORKS THERE..He told me after the divorce that I would never be able to collect Child support I have a lawyer looking into the matter now.

  5. me and my son's father have been broken up for about 2 yrs now(we were together for 4 years.)the chemistry between us was great and we were just the best of friends..then things kinda spiraled downward when i got pregnant (with my son i have now)he started getting over protective and then the physical and the verbal abuse started and i eventually left. at first i made a deal with him saying that if you give me this (certain amount) then i won't put child support out on him so he did for a while but his "i will do it" came with a price..i had to sleep with him and basically let him biliter me when he got mad and told me that he's not giving me another dime if i moved on (to being a single parent that is) which led me to take out child support because i needed help and i tried to explain to him (which he already knew) that a child needs full support not part time.i still deal with the abuse as far as emotionally sometimes just because i really have no one to talk to about it but i am slowly getting over it in my own way.


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