Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hair Solutions: The Bang Thing!

Are you in need of an instant hair bang to style up but don't want to cut your own hair - if so, we've got the ultimate hair solution for you! The Sassy Collection The Bang Thing is a 100% human hair clip-on bang extension. The Bang Thing can be curled or flat ironed with styling appliances set on low or medium heat before attaching.

Before clipping on bangs, find your desired placement position about 2 or more inches back from your natural hairline. Section your hair and gently back comb the selected area to create a fundation. Open all snap clips. "Comb" the clips into the "foundation." Position fingers on either end of single clip and press down to snap clips closed. Secure and close the remaining clips. Blend your own hair around and over "The Bang Thing" to create a natural look. Practice attaching and removing "The Bang Thing" to find the best placement for desired style and secure attachment.

Hair Care Instructions:

Wet with cold or lukewarm water and gently massage in a gentle good quality shampoo top to bottom. Do not rub or twist hair or hair piece. Rinse shampoo out thoroughly. Apply gentle conditioner if desired and rinse throughly. Lay flat on a soft cloth and gently pat with a soft cloth or towel to remove excess water. Dry all metal clips throughly. Allow to air dry naturally at room temperature. Once completely dry, gently brush or comb into desired style. On sale for $18.99 at Sally Beauty, now you can get bangs without the cutting commitment! Plus Get $5 OFF orders of $25 or more expires 1/31/10. Use Promo Code 555202.

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