Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beauty Solutions: E.L.F. Starter Kit For African American Women

Our resident makeup Guru "Micky" is a regular Mineral Makeup user and recently spotlighted this amazing $20 Starter Kit from E.L.F. It's an amazing solution for women with all skin shades, but especially women with darker or African American skin tones. It comes with a Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Total Face Brush, Blush Brush and a little case to put it all in. This case is great because if you ever worked with finely grounded powders, you know that no matter how tight you close the lid, a little bit always ends up spilling and getting on everything. It comes availible in: Medium and Neutral, Lighter skin, Fair Skin Starter Kit,Darker Skin Deep Starter Kit, and the popular Tan Skin Starter Kit. Pick the kit according to your skin tone and you’re ready to go.
"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
-Willie D

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