Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beauty Solutions: GiGi All Purpose Honee Microwave Hair Removal System

Need to wax but can’t always find time to make it to the salon? If you've ever been there then you already know that a Cold wax won’t do because it hurts so much? So how then do you get a great hot wax?

We have come a long way from ancient Indian traditions, where hair removal was made with melted sugar. before you cringe you should know that a good quality hot wax is now achievable at home, using a microwave and special kits. One of these kits is this GIGI All Purpose Honee Microwave Formula Hair Removal System Wax.

It’s simple to use, as long as you follow all the instructions included. This is very important because, if not used properly, hot wax can do some serious and permanent damage to your skin. The GIGI kit contains an 8 ounce All Purpose Honee/Microwave Formula, 2 oz. Slow Grow, 2 oz. Bensokal Lotion, 2 oz. Wax Off Lotion, 2 oz. Pre Hon Lotion, Accu Edge Applicators Spatulas (large), Accu Edge Applicators Spatulas (small), Natural Muslin Strips (large) and Natural Muslin Strips (small).

The wax included in this kit has a thinner film that adheres much better to the skin, making removing hair pain free and more efficiently. It’s delicate enough to be used on the bikini area and in your face.

For best results and to avoid ingrown hair, remember to exfoliate your skin two days prior to waxing. If you exfoliate every week, you only need a light exfoliation the day before waxing.

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