Friday, October 23, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway Season 6, Episode 10

Now that the cast has dwindled down to just seven remaining designers, it has become increasingly harder to pinpoint who will go home.

This week’s challenge was to pick one of Michael Kor’s favorite destinations and create an ensemble inspired from that locale. Designers had to choose between New York City, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, San Tropez, Aspen, Greece, and Palm Beach and finish the entire look under the impossibly tight deadline of one day.

Gordana spent most of her time creating an elaborate, detachable crystal neckline for her dress that the judges all agreed was the focal point of her dress, making it a spot-on design fit for a Park Avenue Princess.

Irina once again wowed the judges with her Aspen-inspired snow bunny outfit, using her tight budget to create an expensive-looking, three-piece outfit. The pants were modeled after ski-pants, the top was a roomy, cowl-necked sweater, and she completed her look with a luxurious faux-fur vest. Although it was clear her muse was not stepping anywhere near the ski trails, the judges named her the challenge winner because of her ability to make a beautifully executed look that perfectly encapsulated Aspen’s snowy atmosphere.

But the judges narrowed their least favorite looks down to Nicolas and Christopher, failing to find anything awe-inspiring about their interpretations.

Christopher, who has found himself in the bottom three the past few weeks after such a promising start to the season, had trouble capturing the style of Santa Fe. Although he managed to create a beautifully intricate belt that guest judge Mila Jovovich gushed over, the rest of his dress looked more like a costume than a southwestern inspiration.

In the end, it was Nicolas’ Grecian-gone awry outfit that baffled the judges and sent him packing. Everyone agreed that his gauzy shirt with the disproportionate sleeves and the slightly flared menswear pants captured the wrong Greece. Instead, his ensemble looked more like something Olivia Newton John would have worn in her hit musical, Grease!

Designers are dropping like flies and those remaining are getting closer and closer to a trip to Bryant Park. Tune in next week to find out who Klum will give the boot to next!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

Erin Simpson

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  1. Loved the Aspen look and the Palm Beach look. I think Nic was the most big headed. He always talked about other's stuff, but some of his stuff was trash


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