Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beauty Solutions: Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector by Clarins

Does the very mention of a lipgloss capable of enhancing you lips’ natural color and fullness make you feel like you’re in a dream world? If so, then behold this Clarins lipgloss.

The Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is a gel form lipgloss, so it’s not sticky at all. However, the formula is very moisturizing and works wonders for the softness of your lips even on top of your favorite lipstick. Even if you don’t have chapped or sensitive lips, you can use this lipgloss as a protective barrier from the environment.

As for color, it has infused 3D shimmer pigments that will make your lips super shiny and luminous. All of the shades available are sheer so they won’t interfere much with your chosen lipcolor if you use any – it will only enhance it.

As an added bonus, this lipgloss tastes sweet. Lips were made for kissin’ and who doesn’t love sweet kisses?

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  1. omg this is the best lipgloss ever. so nice and sweet great!!!

  2. this product is the best thing out there thats what i think. great post and thanks for sharing.


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