Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beauty Solution: Lemon Lust Moisture Boosting Body Balm

Though we’re already a full month into fall, some still aren't willing to let go of summer. It’s just unbearable. To keep a little “summer” in your fall and winter routine, why not use a moisturizer that reminds you of summer? A good example would be H2O+ Lemon Lust Moisture Boosting Body Balm 240ml/8oz.

We all know how important it is to moisturize during the cold weather months– our skin gets dehydrated and flaky and, on extremes, a simple caress on very dry, sensitive skin can really hurt! This particular moisturizer has fruit extracts, shea butter and aloe vera, not to mention vitamin E. Vitamin E, besides leaving your skin feeling hydrated, is responsible for healing and protecting our skin.

As this is a balm as opposed to a lotion, the consistency is thicker and richer. My best tip as far as applying it goes, is to apply it right after the shower, with your skin still warm from the hot water, your pores open and your skin is still moist. This will ensure an even better result and easy application.

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