Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fashion Forms Glamour Kit Contest

This season it’s all about glamour. Glamour isn’t necessarily about what dresses or tops you wear but how you wear them. Not every dress, outfit or item you wear will allow for the traditional bra and panties - especially on a night out! Fortunately Fashion Forms fully understands that and delivers to us a diva’s emergency Glamour Kit.

Fashion Form’s Glamour Kit is the newest and the best non-surgical, breast enhancing bras and bra accessories. This kit, which retails at $78, includes Dress and Lingerie Tapes, Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals, and Silicone Push Up Pads.

The tapes are used to hold the most daring tops in place while the dispenser makes it easy to cut and choose your size. The Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals are great for any occasion. They conceal and smooth your nipples. And the Silicone Push Up Pads give you the feminine, curvaceous look you’ve always wanted. is giving you a chance to win Fashion Forms' Glamour Kit!

Official Rules:

1) First you must be a member of the free to join "Fashion Circle" and be subscribed to Click Here: If you aren't already a free subscriber. Email subscriptions must be confirmed.

2) Next, you’ll need to leave a comment telling us whether or not you’ve ever had a fashion emergency. If so, what was it exactly? Did your top spill out? Did you rip your pants? Ever spilled coffee on your blouse? Ever had your dress ride up? Tell us about it and let us know whether or not you survived it.

3) Shipping is Free for all participants in the U.S. Winner from a country outside of the U.S. would have to pay for shipping.

4) Contest runs from now - Saturday, October 24, 2009 through Friday, October 30, 2009. Winner will be announced on here on on Saturday, October 31, 2009.

5) You must be 18 years or older to enter. Under 18 will need a parent's consent.

6) Shipping to P.O. Box is fine.

Enter now and good Luck girls!

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  1. I had a fashion emergency about 5 months ago. I was dancing a little too hard at a formal dance when I began to sweat. My gel cups decided to fall off so I did a quick move and had to grab them and put then in my purse. I survived but I had to keep my dance moves to a minimal.

  2. The last fashion emergency I had was waaayyy back before the children and I had the perfect stomach. I was wearing a cropped zip-up hoodie sweater jacket with matching capri sweat pants and of course a [white]tank top underneath the jacket. My friends and I were at the mall and we stopped to get a smoothie. Me being a goof, I started playing with the straw, pulled it out and some of my strawberry smoothie flung on my shirt! I had red splotches all over the front! It was summer so I just took the tank top off and rocked my bare mid-section for the rest of the day with the hoodie zipped all the way. No problems, I looked flyy! lol

  3. My fashion emergency was when my bf and I went to a birthday party (one of his friends) meeting them for the first time. We were all having fun and I decided to drop it like its hot. Well dropping it and getting back up I tore my nice pants and everyone just looked at me and I was so embarrassed and I felt so stupid. I had to leave the party but the next day everything was cool cos we all laughed it off and I felt better.

  4. My fashion emergency was when I was wearing a strappy sun dress. My bookbag was a bit too heavy and one of the straps broke. So, of course I was in class, where bunches of people could see me. So I quickly grab the strap and try to pin it back with a hair clip. :) that held up long enough to make it to the bathroom...I tried to tie the strap and everything....but it was a fail.. so I had to leave class and walk around campus holding my strap up with one hand, all the way till I got to my room. I barely survived. (what if I had not noticed my strap had broken? It did not make a noise or anything...I just happened to look down!!) lol

  5. Wow thanks for sharing these emergency moments with us. every woman can relate.

    @ Osisano I can only imagine hwo embarrassing that must have been for you. Sometimes at parties we tend to get "loose" without realizing the perplexing possibilities that ahead of us. But I like how you didn't fret over it... humor does make everything better. Maybe not in the (embarrassing) moment but after :) lol

    @ MoMo all I can say is Wow! Sometimes the best thing to do in an emergency is to stay calm it'll help you think straight which it did in your case. Great

  6. my fashion emergency:
    it was nite out and me and my frenz were out in the town, we decided to stop at this fast food restaurant to get a bite to eat. i was wearing this nice white blouse and some jeans. wen we got our drinks i slammed them down on the table we were gonna sit at (accidentally) and of course slashed my nice blouse with red drinks!! it was very noticeable but of course my frenz were very cool about it!! it happens to the best of us rite????

  7. My fashion emergency was about 7 years ago (12 years old) , my time of the month came on. I didnt realize it untill someone pointed out the puddle in my seat and my shorts (Khaki) was covered in it! Good thing it was during class change and no one but that person and the teacher saw!


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