Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spooky Halloween Design Nails (Contest)

Vampire Red Sil Spider Web B&W Skull Red Frech W/ Skull

Nail Halloween this year with four spooky designs of Kiss’ press-on nails available at leading drug-stores nationwide. These are perfect nails for Halloween parties and a day of trick-or-treating.

Kiss’ seasonal nail kits include 24 nails in 12 sizes with “glue tabs” to press on the nail to make them easy to apply and remove. At the end of the evening, simply run nails under warm water to loosen the glue tab and peel off from the side. No damage done to natural nails.

There are four distinctive colors availible: Vampire Red, Silver Spider Web, Black & White Skull, and Red Frech W/ Skull (Pictured above from left to right). There are only two ways to get these nails. Kiss Halloween Nails will be on shelves now until November 1st at Walgreens.com, CVS, and Kmart nationwide. The other way is to participate in the Fashionwithfifi.com Spooky Halloween Design Nails Contest! Right now Kiss Nails is giving away complinentory packs to two Fashionwithfifi.com Subscribers. One subscriber will recieve a pack of Red Frech W/ Sulls, while another subscriber will recieve a pack of the Red Vampire.
Official Rules:
1) To enter you must first be a member of the free to join "Fashion Circle" and be subscribed to Fashionwithfifi.com. Click Here: If you aren't already a free subscriber. Email subscriptions must be confirmed.

2) Next, you'll need to leave a comment letting us know whether you prefer to use press on nails over getting a fancy manicure. Tell us why you choose one or the other. Is it cost? Is it time? Is it covinence? Fashionwithfifi.com wants to know.

3) Shipping is Free to all U.S. subscribers. Foreign subscribers will have to pay for shipping.

4) Contest runs from now - Tuesday, October 27, 2009, through Wednesday, October 28, 2009 11:59 PM est. Winner will be announced on here on Fashionwithfifi.com on Thursday , October, 29, 2009.

5) You must be 18 years or older to enter. Under 18 will need a parent's consent.

6) Shipping to P.O. Box is fine.

7) Winner will be chosen at random from the comments left on this post by subscribers and Fashion Circle members. Participants in this contest are encouraged to specify which nail pack they'd like to recieve. If a subscriber would accept either pack they're asked to mention that in their comment.

To see the full collection go to http://www.kissusa.com/.


  1. I personally like press-ons. I can't have the fancy manicure because they would not last in my line of work so press-ons are the next best thing. I think both are great depending on the occasion. Press ons are good if you want to change the game up a little bit.

  2. i prefer press on nails cuz they r cheaper:)if i win, i wud like to have the red french wit skulls plz :)

  3. I say I prefer getting a regular manicure because I like my nails to be short. But I'm really interested to try these press on nails just so satisfy my curiosity. ;)

  4. Hi Nina & Nicole, please specify which color you guys would like in case you won.

  5. I like getting manicures because clip on nails are just that but if these are what u say they r i wouldnt mind trying them

  6. Sarah

    fake nails cause your chances of getting fungi is less

  7. I prefer to get the kiss nails because of the price and when I would get my nail dont "professionally", they would never look the same or I would mess them up before they were dry.

  8. I would prefer the red french with skull.

  9. I like getting my nails professional done; but i dont have a problem with using kiss nails! i used to use them all the time

    silver spider web =]

  10. I LOOOOOOOVE the press on nails. I prefer them because they are the total package: pretty, affordable, convenient,and CHEAP. They are easy to apply and remove and look like I had them done at a salon. Oh! and did I forget to mention there is no risk of a fungal or bacterial infection. I can go get these nails from any drugstore put them on and go. No waiting in a nail shop inhaling all those fumes. Just me, the nails, and the nail glue. I can go on and on. Press on nails are the way to go.


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