Sunday, October 11, 2009

Envirosax Greengrocer Bags $10

If you live in NYC then you already know that We are definitely well on our way to being done with plastic shopping and grocery bags. Besides the eco benenfits of living green, I think we're one of the first cities in the country to propose a tax plastic bags. So over the past year we've seen alot of re-usable grocery bags around town. But we could all use something a little more stylish for toting our groceries. Enter eco-friendly and socially conscious Envirosax bags answer the challenge. These lightweight polyester bags are waterproof and hold up to two plastic bags worth of groceries. Designed in Australia, founders Belinda and Mark David-Tooze ensure fair labor practices and wages in their Chinese factories, making these bags as Geo-friendly as they are Eco-desirable. You'll feel good about minimizing our environmental footprint while carrying our organic produce in genuinely green fashion. They're about 20 different patterns and colors to choose from; each one $10 or less at "Click Here" or on the pics below to view more.

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