Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beauty Solutions: Evening Makeup for Sexier Eyes

When creating an evening makeup look, play up the eyes for enhanced beauty. The first step is covering your eye lids with a makeup base. This will make your eye shadow look better and have more staying powder.

Borghese Eye Care, 2g/0.07oz Dimensional Shadow - # 03 Blondie for Women

Choose three colors of eye shadow: a light, medium and dark color.
Borghese Cosmetics offers a variety of color palettes with lasting power. Brown and blues are great for blue eyes and violets and purples for green and brown eyes. Apply the lightest color on your entire eye lid, then apply the next lightest color to the middle of the eye, and finish with the darkest color in the crease of the eye. For extra sheen, use a shimmer powder on your brow bone.

Use the darkest color of your eye shadow as eyeliner. Use a damp Q-tip and dip into the color. Smudge along the top lash line only. Finish off the look with deep black mascara.

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